… at the new house of course. And being the technical people we are, we follow where the internet goes, which means that as of this weekend we will officially be living in our new house!


Here are some updates of what we’ve done in the interim: mostly we have filled it with boxes over the past week. For those ever-so-helpful-and-advice-filled folks out there: *I* did not do any heavy lifting but I did some scrubbing of most of the rooms to get rid of the previous owners’ cat (the Pie is allergic) and I patched all the weird holes they put in their walls. And took down the blinds. I hate blinds. Actually, Mrs. Nice took down the blinds for me because she’s lovely.


And we painted a bit! We knew that once we moved our king-sized bed into the master bedroom we’d have significantly less space to move around so we made sure to paint it beforehand.


The previous owners had been a little careless in their previous paint jobs and we ended up having to repaint the ceiling and the trim in addition to the walls so it took us longer than expected. The other bedrooms won’t be occupied for a while so we can do them at our leisure.


Once we get all the furniture in we can start to put some of the myriad boxes away. Hopefully I can get some decent pictures during daylight for you this weekend and show you what our plans are!


Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.


  1. Smart woman. Our house still needs paint, 2 years on. It’ll happen someday but in the meantime I’ve invested in a Magic Eraser to see if I can’t make a few spots look better.

    I’ve been shoveling snow with hubby all winter. It bothered people at first but then I reminded them that I’m pregnant, not injured and they moved on. My only warning is that no matter how careful you are, your balance will change daily without you noticing! Winter is an easy time for a fall, so be as sure of your footing as you can. 🙂 I use my grippy spikes over my boots now on bad days.

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    1. Thanks for the tip! I have an old back injury that seems to have re-emerged with the loosening of all my bones so shoveling is only something I’ll do if there’s no other option!


  2. That is very exciting! New paint makes me happy. My room is tiny so it will be a major undertaking to repaint it, I say I’m going to do it but like Uniquity, have waited, and procrastinated, and ….
    How many coats of paint did it take to get rid of that red completely?


  3. I’m so happy for you! Not happy Pie is allergic to cats, that always makes me sad.
    My bestie Socks is househunting while pregnant again, and she’s going to pretend that she can’t be near paint, etc. I’m all for it as it is his idea to move again! She knows damn well she can do it, but there has to be some delegation when there are already two wee ones to herd!


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