Laundry Loft Back to the Drawing Board

Bless my husband for being willing to take my directions on this and for being tall enough to do so.  Also bless him because it’s his birthday today and he’s 28.

We did, however, encounter two very major problems in our attempts to put the shelf up on its brackets.

The first is that the wall above the fuse box is, predictably, full of wires and the Pie was unwilling to have himself electrocuted today.

The second, and perhaps the more cogent to our purposes, is that for some reason, despite the fact that I measured it several times and it always came up as slightly smaller than the space I needed to put it in, and despite the fact that I managed to get it in place all by myself less than a week ago, THE BLOODY THING DOESN’T FIT.

We can’t get it turned sideways and lying flat.  The Pie thinks that the particle board has expanded in the recent spate of ridiculous humidity that we’ve had.  I remain skeptical.

So we’re rethinking our approach.  Stay tuned.


Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

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