Halloum Sandwiches

I’d never seen halloum (or halloom or haloumi) before, and then it popped up at our local Save Easy, which is run by Loblaws.  Because we will try pretty much anything (well, I will, and the Pie will if I don’t tell him what it is), we bought some.  It has the same texture and tastes similar to a very large cheese curd.

And it sat in our fridge for a while until I internet researched ways people ate it.

Most people just fry it up and put herbs on it and stuff it in sandwiches.  Easy enough.  So that’s what I did for a nice Sunday sammich for me and my man.

Take a pocketless pita (or one with a pocket and you just don’t open it) and smother it with mayonnaise.  Slice up a tomato in thick slices as well and dust the slices with salt and pepper.  Slip them onto one half of the pita.

Pick yourself several leaves of fresh basil and drop them on top of the tomato.

Slice the halloum so each piece is about a quarter of an inch thick.  The package I have advises me to divide the amount into eight slices, so that’s what it comes out to.  I used three slices per sandwich (one with four), which uses up two whole little 250g packages and makes five sandwiches.

Slide them into a hot skillet and brown both sides.

Pop the hot grilled cheese on top of the tomato and fold over the top of the pita.


Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

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