It’s truly Magic!

Magic Eraser Magic 3

This is not a sponsored post and nobody’s asking me to do this post. Which is too bad. I totally would do stuff like this for money (SEND ME FREE STUFF). But I want to ask you all WHY THE AITCH-EE-DOUBLE-HOCKEY STICKS did it take me this long to discover the Magic Eraser? Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical. I once bought a generic store brand one and was horribly disappointed by its performance so never bought it again and continued to clean off scuff marks with my tried-and-true toothpaste method. But this way is SO MUCH EASIER.

Magic Eraser Magic 1

Like this requires NO EFFORT whatsoever. Magic melamine foam.

Magic Eraser Magic 2

All you do is rinse it under the tap and squeeze it out (gloves are not required but my hands are wrecked due to it being winter so I’m keeping them out of this business).

Magic Eraser Magic 4

Then you find a giant scuff on your wall.

Magic Eraser Magic 5

Give it a bit of a rub.

Magic Eraser Magic 6

And it’s all gone.

Magic Eraser Magic 7

Check out this bugger.

Magic Eraser Magic 11


Magic Eraser Magic 12

My only beef with this magic machine is that I bought the one that was supposed to last a long time and after about twenty minutes I’d already put a hole in it.

Magic Eraser Magic 8

But other than that, it’s AWESOME.

Magic Eraser Magic 10

Author: allythebell

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20 thoughts on “It’s truly Magic!”

  1. That’s so funny you posted this. I just bought my very first Magic Eraser on Sunday and it was a miracle! I’ve been trying to get the outside of my stainless steel oven clean forever (no matter what I do the water marks always come back) – GONE! And the inside of my convection microwave is all shiny metal but had stuff splattered and baked on to it. I didn’t want to use oven cleaner (#1-I hate the smell, #2-I was afraid it would damage the surface). So I got the ones for kitchen and bath and they are amazing!!!


    1. I HAD NO IDEA they made them for kitchen and bath. While I’m sure it won’t be able to tackle my disgusting oven (which I haven’t cleaned in over six months), I am definitely going to have a go at all the other surfaces I can find!

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      1. I’d try it! I bought a 4 pack. I think it has a chance at your oven! I had stuck on bacon splatter and exploded pizza rolls among other nastiness on mine that wouldn’t come off no matter what I tried, but the magic eraser WAS magic!


  2. Dear Alison, The heavy duty Magic Eraser is the best. I’ve been using it for several years and always keep a stock. I believe that if contour sheets are THE invention of the XXth century, the Magic Eraser is, so far, THE invention of the XXIst century! Cheers, Michel P.S. I love reading your posts!



  3. Ali, one caveat: Don’t rub too hard or you will end up with a shiny spot on your wall or woodwork. I speak from sad experience …


    1. Thanks Shirley, that’s good to know. It is an abrasive after all so it would make sense if it took a bit of the paint off. I have definitely had that happen when I used the toothpaste method so I’ve learned to be gentle over the years … πŸ™‚


  4. You are behind! I think I discovered them 11,12 years ago? Some of the cheapo ones work just as good – as you learned they fall apart fast. Wait til you see what they do to burned on grease! And the white toes on Converse! And you know how there are always fingermarks around doorknobs? Gone! Bwah-ha-ha!


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