It’s truly Magic!

Magic Eraser Magic 3

This is not a sponsored post and nobody’s asking me to do this post. Which is too bad. I totally would do stuff like this for money (SEND ME FREE STUFF). But I want to ask you all WHY THE AITCH-EE-DOUBLE-HOCKEY STICKS did it take me this long to discover the Magic Eraser? Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical. I once bought a generic store brand one and was horribly disappointed by its performance so never bought it again and continued to clean off scuff marks with my tried-and-true toothpaste method. But this way is SO MUCH EASIER.

Magic Eraser Magic 1

Like this requires NO EFFORT whatsoever. Magic melamine foam.

Magic Eraser Magic 2

All you do is rinse it under the tap and squeeze it out (gloves are not required but my hands are wrecked due to it being winter so I’m keeping them out of this business).

Magic Eraser Magic 4

Then you find a giant scuff on your wall.

Magic Eraser Magic 5

Give it a bit of a rub.

Magic Eraser Magic 6

And it’s all gone.

Magic Eraser Magic 7

Check out this bugger.

Magic Eraser Magic 11


Magic Eraser Magic 12

My only beef with this magic machine is that I bought the one that was supposed to last a long time and after about twenty minutes I’d already put a hole in it.

Magic Eraser Magic 8

But other than that, it’s AWESOME.

Magic Eraser Magic 10