S’mores, in a cookie – FAILED

Failed S'mores 9

Wow.  This could have gone much better.

I was trying to make a summery treat as a last hurrah for my Sweet Treats Club at work and I thought, what’s more summery than some nice chewy s’mores?  I mean really.  There’s nothing.  Except maybe beer.  But that would be inappropriate for work I think.  At least before noon.

Failed S'mores 13

And I saw a bunch of recipes on the internet that incorporated elements of s’moreishness in their makeup but nothing that really screamed, holy smokes, this is the cookie version of my favourite campfire treat.  I mean there were cookies with graham cookies embedded in them, with mini marshmallows in the matrix … all sorts of stuff.  But the essence of a s’more — to ME — is a graham cookie on either side of a piece of chocolate and a hot roasted marshmallow.  Right?   So I figured, why not make a chocolate chip cookie, but with enough graham incorporated into it so it would be LIKE a graham cookie (but with chocolate), and then have that form a protective shell around a large gooey internal marshmallow.

Failed S'mores 12

What went wrong?  Well, everything.  I guess there’s a reason I didn’t see anything like this in my searching.  The cookie dough recipe I chose was all wrong, for one thing.  I picked the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip package (my first mistake) because I’d packed my Joy of Cooking (my second mistake).  I replaced half the flour with graham crumbs and I probably shouldn’t have done that, and I used butter when I probably should have used shortening.  And before you say it, yes, I chilled the crap out of that dough.  Like it spent more time in the fridge than out of it.

Failed S'mores 10

So what happened?  This.  They just melted.  At first you could see the marshmallows holding out as the cookie melted into a sad puddle all around them, but then they, too, succumbed, turning into little white puddles of goo.  It was very depressing.

Failed S'mores 16

So we thought, okay, if the cookie dough is going to go liquid, why don’t we put it in a muffin tin, and have the marshmallow perch on top?  Right.  Well, the marshmallow came out nice and toasted, which was fine, but the cookie, not so much.  Once I pulled them out of the pan it was a huge rotten mess.

Failed S'mores 15

Failed S'mores 17

So there you have it, folks.  For those of you who weren’t around during my floor pizza days (and for those of you who were), I still make a lotta mistakes in the kitchen.  And will continue to do so.  Mostly because I am really bad at following rules.  But that’s what makes it fun, right?

Failed S'mores 14

Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

16 thoughts on “S’mores, in a cookie – FAILED”

      1. That’s why I always taste the cookie dough before cooking, if it doesn’t taste good before cooking it wont after cooking. Much easier to add something in before cooking too.


  1. Aww. 😦 Failed cooking experiments are such a downer. If they taste OK, then it’s easy to just eat them and move on. But when they don’t, I always feel like such a jerk for wasting all those ingredients (especially chocolate chips! Gah!). Better luck next time!


      1. I recently tried out a recipe for a giant cup cake using a special silicon mould. The first time I used too much cake mixture and it exploded out the top like a volcano, the second time I dropped it pulling it out of the oven and it smashed on the floor. The third time I undercooked the inside whilst burning the outside – DOH!! I have still yet to get it right!!


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