Router Incognito

Router Incognito

I saw this post at the end of May and it was just so ridiculous that I felt I had to try it at home. You could do this with a modem, too, I suppose, or any other piece of electronica you want to keep out of sight.

Our wireless router is hidden in the chaos of the Pie’s desk, so needing to hide its unsightliness from view is not an issue for me.  I’d much rather the Pie tidied up his desk more often.  Regardless, perhaps the subtle awesomeness of this new router cover will inspire him.

Router Incognito

So you take a hard cover book.  Like these ones. They’re old editions from the library at work that are now out of date.

Router Incognito

Then you cut out all the pages.  Like so.

Router Incognito

And you’re left with the cover.

Router Incognito

Which you then slide over your router.

Router Incognito

I used a slightly bigger book than my router, because the air vents are on top.  And so I made some wee supports out of skewers to hold up the top of the cover for air flow purposes.

Router Incognito

So if you feel that your router is unsightly, here’s an idea for you!

Router Incognito


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