These Iris

These Iris

My mother sent these iris to me about four years ago, in the mail.

I planted them according to her instructions (which is to say, I sort of set them gently atop the soil and hoped they wouldn’t wash away).  And I waited.

Greenthumbing Day Two

Every year, the leaves would grow tall and green.  But no flowers.

These Iris

This year, the year I have given up on my garden officially (too many rocks, too many weeds), this year they decide to bloom on me.  Just in time for my mother’s visit, thankfully!

These Iris

These iris are descended from a batch of iris given to my mother by a friend about twenty years ago.  They have traveled back and forth across the country a couple times.  When I leave Newfoundland I will likely take them back home with me.  That’s just how we roll in our family.  My mother has already taken a chunk of my garden home with her on this visit to keep it going until I get there.


Author: allythebell

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5 thoughts on “These Iris”

  1. Ali, those irises were definitely worth waiting for. Beautiful! And having seen your Mom and Dad’s gorgeous flower gardens in Ottawa, I’d say your plants are in good hands until you decide to reclaim them. Cheers, Shirley from the Craft Group 🙂


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