Road Trip Snacks: Apple Slices


Today the Pie and I are actually on our way back from our first vacation in forever. We ended up driving to and from our various destinations because we like road trips, and one of the best parts of road trips, aside from oddities you stop at and the stellar conversation, is road snacks.

I made these before we left out of 2 apples that had been sitting in the fruit bowl for too long.

Apple Chips 1

This is a super simple operation. Preheat your oven to 225°F and line a couple baking sheets with parchment paper.

Apple Chips 2

Now slice up your apples. Give them a good scrubbing and run them through a mandolin cutter or food processor so you have super thin slices. You don’t have to worry about coring them, but you will want to remove any seeds you find because those are poisonous. And poisoning yourself is never a good idea.

Apple Chips 5

Plop them on your parchment and season if you like (options include cinnamon, Chinese five spice, lemon, and maybe a little bit of sugar if you have tart apples). These ones are unseasoned. I also only had room for two baking sheets so the apples overlap. This means they will stick together once dried, but I’m okay with that. Apples is apples, after all. If you want individual rings (instead of a fun sheet you can break apart) then make sure to keep ’em separated.

Apple Chips 7

Bake the apples for 1-2 hours, until they achieve your desired level of crispness (this will depend on how thick the slices are). Store in an airtight container and enjoy!

Apple Chips 9

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