How Not to Buy A Mattress

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I usually cringe at airing dirty laundry (even if it’s not my own) in public, but this really takes the cake and has pretty much sucked a bunch of joy out of my summer.  So I will say this now, and for the record, that if you ever decide to buy a new mattress, never, ever purchase one from Nasafoam.  I will tell you the story here, because I’m feeling really, really vindictive right now.  Sorry about that.

You may recall me mentioning that the Pie and I had purchased a new memory foam mattress through a Groupon Deal.  It was $500 for a $1700 mattress, and as broke students, that struck us as a really good deal (you can see it here).  The question was, did they deliver to Newfoundland?  Many companies don’t, so I posted the question on Groupon’s FAQ page and received a response that to ship to Newfoundland would be $225.  You can see the posting here.  You will also note, for a later point I will make, that nowhere in the fine print does it say it does not ship to Newfoundland.

Anyway, we were happy with that shipping price so we bought the Groupon and submitted it to Nasafoam.  We typed in our information, everything, and then pressed the “submit” button.  Normally when you order something online you get some form of record of your transaction, whether it’s something you can print or something that is emailed to you later as a confirmation that you actually bought the thing.  Several days later I’d received nothing like that, save the “Thank you.  Your information has been submitted” that we saw after clicking the button.

So I emailed Nasafoam and asked for confirmation that I had actually submitted the order and asked for an ETA on delivery, as well as a final cost with taxes included.  I was told simply that “delivery will contact you with final cost.”  At that point, I left it at that.

A couple of weeks went by and I started to wonder when my mattress would arrive, so I emailed again, and was told that it would arrive in 2-3 weeks from the date of that email. That sounded good.  I started making preparations to renovate my office and all that jazz in preparation for my houseguests.

Spring Shuffle
Future site of my mattress. Oh wait, no, never mind.

Five weeks after the date of that email I still had no mattress, and I was starting to get a little cheesed.  So I wrote to Nasafoam and told them that I was cheesed, and demanded a final bill and a shipping estimate.  I got no response.  I emailed twice more with no results.  Then the Pie discovered that Nasafoam had a Facebook page.  On the page they were telling Groupon customers that the wait for a mattress was 4-6 weeks and at this point I was onto almost nine.  I posted this on Facebook and Nasafoam informed me that they had not been receiving my emails.  I have kept every one of their automated receipt emails so I know that is not true and told them so.  Eventually I sent another, slightly angrier email to every email address at Nasafoam I could find.

The response was unsurprisingly disappointing.  One email response told me that my order would be shipped in 4-6 weeks, which of course indicated to me that the person I had emailed my message to had not actually read it.  I responded of course that it had been nine weeks and received simply a “I see that!  Thanks!” answer to that.  The other response I received was a very frosty one saying, essentially, that they had told me delivery would contact me and that they had no control over when their delivery company would deliver any of their products.

Think about that for a moment.  A company has no control over the delivery of its goods?  What kind of crap company is that?

And of course there was no acknowledgement that I was upset (which I mentioned in a very polite way, of course), nor any final bill (which I had requested for probably the fourth time).

The next week I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  I felt really good about this.

Nasafoam comes back with the response that I haven’t paid my final bill and that’s why they haven’t shipped.

I respond with the fact that they have not sent me a final bill.

They respond again to tell me I haven’t paid my final bill.  Which they have sent to my email address, so they say.  Which of course they haven’t.

I may have turned into Godzilla at one point in this process.  Also I know I definitely growled out “HULK SMASH” a few times as well.

Image (c) Marvel, via “Without Envy”

Rather than smash my head into the wall at the ridiculousness of this situation (and I’m in Portland at this time, mind you, so I’m using my dad in St. John’s as proxy while I try to type out all this nonsense on my smartphone), I suggest that my father call them with my credit card number and we can sort this out.

He calls.  The guy who answers, according to my dad, is an idiot.  He tells my father that  I apparently filled out the form wrong, and put in Nova Scotia as my mailing address instead of Newfoundland.  He had the form right in front of him, he said (which is nice for him.  I never got a copy of my order form).  I’d like to point out here that I have been working in the legal world for almost a decade and as such am an extremely conscientious form-filler-outer.  I do not make mistakes like that.  I double-check everything.  And the Pie was sitting next to me as I filled it out.  He also double-checks.  And, as I pointed out to Nasafoam, Nova Scotia postal codes start with B, while mine in Newfoundland starts with an A, and I sure as heck didn’t mess that one up.

Their response?  “Groupon is aware that we do not ship to Newfoundland.”

Really?  Could have fooled me.  I sent them a photo of the Groupon FAQ page where I asked them the shipping cost to Newfoundland.  Their response to that was just that I had made a mistake and should have been aware all along that they do not ship to Newfoundland.

And it just went on and on, response and rebuttal through the BBB where they simply ignored everything I said and made me look like the bad guy.  I pointed out their contradictions and blatant lies and they told me I was an idiot (or at least that’s how it felt to me).  The final verdict from the BBB was that Nasafoam was standing by their decision (to do nothing) and that they (BBB) were sorry that I was unhappy.  At least the BBB apologized. I’m in negotiations with Groupon right now to get my money back, and they’re being remarkably helpful, if a little slow, which has kind of renewed my faith in business.

When we returned to St. John’s, the Pie took a screen capture of the Groupon FAQ page where they give me the shipping quote for St. John’s and juxtaposed it next to the section of the BBB complaint where they tell me that I was “well aware it was for nova scotia only” (what? It was an Ottawa Groupon!) and posted it to Nasafoam’s Facebook page with a short paragraph about how not only did Nasafoam make us wait double the shipping time to receive our order but they lied to us and didn’t ship it to us at all.

The Pie’s graphic, with this commentary: “Nasafoam made us wait 11 weeks before telling us they would not ship us our mattress to Newfoundland. They also insist that we knew they only shipped to Nova Scotia but we were quoted a price to ship it to St. John’s, Newfoundland. They refuse to acknowledge any mistakes on their part and blame us entirely. Now a refund will only get us groupon dollars back and not our money back.”

Nasafoam deleted the comment and graphic the next day and closed their page to further posts.

Long story short, the Pie and I ended up sleeping on the floor while my parents were in town so that they could have our crappy old mattress.  The day after we returned to St. John’s we went to the lovely people at Cohen’s, and, for $600, purchased a similar memory foam mattress.  Add in $50 for delivery and they brought it right into our bedroom just a scant week later.  That’s it in that picture up there.  Isn’t it pretty?

Sorry for the venting here, folks, but I really hate it when people lie to me, especially when it’s a local Canadian business.  If you’re curious to know more about the crap that Nasafoam has put me through, send me a message and I can forward you our long and convoluted correspondence, together with the BBB complaint form (as I said, I keep meticulous records).  And if you’ve had a similar experience with some company who refuses to acknowledge any wrong doing, please feel free to rant in the comments below.  I’m ready and willing to listen.

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31 thoughts on “How Not to Buy A Mattress”

  1. That’s awful. I have had a couple of Groupon type deals go belly up but never such a run around experience. I can’t remember who attempted to give me back deal bucks instead of actual cash. I was told to request the money back on my credit card and it would be done. Maybe that can happen for you as $500 Groupon bucks doesn’t sound very helpful to me.


    1. Yeah, so far Groupon sounds like they’re going to give me my money back, but they’re “investigating” so we’ll see what happens with that. It’s an easy matter to call Visa and have them reverse the charges if it doesn’t work out, because yes, there’s not much I can do with 500 Groupon bucks …


  2. That’s a crazy story. I’m angry FOR you! Good for you, though, being determined and persistent. Don’t back down off of Groupon, either. I suspect this Nasafoam place had way too much response from the groupon and was a panicking mess. Better to just admit that then try to tell the customer she’s dumb. What a bunch of nuts!!!


  3. Loved this rant! Groupon has never worked out for me.. the people have always been mean/annoyed when I call them to redeem/ask questions. Very odd, considering they’re probably offering a groupon deal to up their visibility and clientele.

    Just found your blog whilst searching for… I don’t even remember! But love it. Am in the process of making your cottage pie for dinner tonight!


    1. I’ve had good luck with Groupon so far, not that I use it often, and now that they’re giving me a refund I’m a-okay with them.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Hopefully I can get you hooked with my other, non-rant posts!


  4. I am having the very same issues as you are with nasafoam and in my case, Dealfind! I bought a crib mattress thru dealfind, but when it came time to redeem it, George from Nasafoam would say that they did no such business with dealfind, and will not be able to send my crib mattress! Well, I sent him my voucher via email and I get this reply saying ‘thank you, your item will be shipped shortly’ but that was 2 months ago! After many, many phone calls, I still am waiting for this mattress to show up! I find this Nasafoam business to be very shady. I’ve written to Dealfind twice now and I haven’t even heard from them! That’s twice in the last month and a half. I can’t even get thru via phone cuz there is no menu selection to speak to a live person! So frustrating. But at least I’m not the only having troubles with this mattress company and these coupon sites!


    1. Yikes, Rina! Sounds like this Dealfind thing is a scam and we both know the people at nasafoam are idiots. See if your credit card company will give you your money back and get a crib mattress elsewhere. The Pie and I are very much enjoying our new non-nasafoam bed!

      Keep me posted and let me know how it goes. Good luck!


  5. Hi hi. After reading these horrific comments I decided to NOT purchase any products from nasafoam. It all sounds too shady, and I do not know what happens if I do not like the mattress or pillow. I am certain NO ONE will help nor take any responsibility. Thank goodness for your site.


  6. Same story here. This George/John guy is one shady character and a pathological liar. I got same crap that it’s in the hands of the delivery guy (3 month now). Do not buy anything from neither, nor (same company) nor mattress gallery on Dundas in Mississauga/Eglinton. Under any condition do not buy!


      1. Indeed! The problem is not so much with dealfind/groupon/kijiji but with Nasafoam itself. It alsmost seems that this is a one man operation with the same person beign the owener, the retail sales, the marketer and customer service. How can one person like that run a factory? Unless he has no factory at all but some warehouse full of junk that he moves or a sweatshop with 2/3 employees. The reason why he pushes these products so much through daily-deal sites is that the markup is huge at retailers, so even if sells it for 60% off through Dealfind, he still probably makes 150-200% percent MORE than what he does selling it to retailers to begin with. The owner has no last name, the company has no ligit factory address. The warehouse is hiding somewhere in Mississauga, but not exactly sure where. The same company has also older traces of selling other futniture and Diablo Jeans!!!! BBB doesn’t really do much more than this thread in keeping track of the number of complaints. And we’ll never know if the foam is actually made in Canada or it is made in China and shipped here and then it’s just assembled (glue free) into a mattress cover and has a sticker printed on an inkjet printer stuck to it.


  7. i am exactly in the same boat… lost my house to a fire, decided to take this deal and i am now 12 months in with no answer or matresses… i have paid the taxes ans shipping as sent from them… a long time ago


  8. Well heres another twist – we got our Nasafoam mattress – two of them in fact, we thought it was such a good deal, and we wish we hadn’t! They are so uncomfortable we are now looking to replace the one we sleep on, so you’re lucky if you don’t gt it!! Get your money back instead.


  9. i got my money back from nasafoam so far for shipping and taxes but not from groupon… they are slow. happy to hear they are bad matress…


  10. Hello, all. We’re having the same problem. It’s been over 6 months since we initially bought the Nasafoam groupon, and 4 months since the extra payment of foundation/shipping/taxes. I first read your story after all the payments went through. (Sigh.) But I’m glad I’ve read the updates. We are currently going through Groupon customer service as well (third week). I’ll insist on a real refund. We’ll call our credit card company later this week and try to get our money back. Then off to buy a new mattress at a real store. But seriously! Argh!!!


    1. Hi Jenn, sorry to hear you’re still going through all this nonsense. Groupon was pretty quick to refund me my money, but maybe I just got a good person on the other end. I’m sure your credit card company would be happy to refund your money when they find out you never received what you paid for. Let me know how it works out!


      1. i was right there too… got my money back quicly from nasafoam for shipping and taxes… it took a litlle bit of … i will calll my c.c and the BBB… etc. but got it quick. took about 2 weeks with groupon… never spoke with anyone just got an e-mail saying it was done. was not too impressed with the groupon non person contact


      2. I know, right? I mentioned to my husband that we should’ve just rented a truck, drove to Toronto and picked the darn thing up from their showroom 6 months ago. Would’ve saved a lot of frustration, anger, and time. Though now I’m thinking maybe it was for the best if the mattresses aren’t comfortable.


    2. So the update is that we now have a new mattress!… Is what I want to say. What is reality is that we’ve paid another big chunk of money, this time to a local mattress dealer (nationwide chain, so not as sketchy); 7-10 days for delivery. We’ve received notification from Groupon that the amount has been refunded to the credit card. And we’ve filed a dispute of payment with the credit card company. Still yet to confirm if approved. This whole thing just dragged out for much too long. I’d like to say never again, but you never know. It’s not like we bought this thinking we were going to be in this mess.


      1. Well I guess nobody goes into business deals thinking they’re going to get screwed… Still, you would think that Groupon would have some kind of vetting process or something.


  11. It’s been 1.5 years since I finally got my NasaFoam mattress and in 1.5 years it sunk-in so much that it’s killing our backs. These things do NOT last, they are not memory foam (just some higher density foam). Discussed this with my Chiropractor who is now fixing my back and he said to just get a decent posturpedic coil mattress from a reputable company (seally/simmons, etc.) and maybe the one with a little pillow top for side sleeping support. The foam mattresses are too soft to provide proper back support and get even softer with time, especially the cheap ones. And shady operations such as George Nasafoam scam and his minions at the Mattress Gallery on Dundas & Eglinton won’t support their warranty scam. Being cheap now, costs you double later as you have to chuck this mattress and buy a new real mattress a year or two later. That is IF and when you actually receive your mattress to begin with. Again, Stay away!!


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