A World of Readers

If you are a WordPress user, you know that you can track how many visitors you get from each country, which is pretty cool.  I know that a lot of IP addresses get routed through various countries automatically, depending on where servers are located, but I also know that a good many of these visitors are actually from the country indicated.  These are my country stats since the end of February, when WordPress started keeping track of this stuff.  It looks pretty neat, so I thought you might like to see it, too.  And thanks for visiting!

I live on the right-most tip of the small island on the right-most tip of the country that is a slightly lighter orange than the USA.

Portland Ho!

Today the Pie and I fly off to Portland, Oregon for the wedding of Doodle and the Cyclist.  I haven’t been to Portland since 2007 (you can see my shots here) and the Pie has never been further west than Thunder Bay, Ontario (which really isn’t very west at all), so it will be a great trip.  My parents are here to take care of the dog, so rest assured he will be spoiled rotten.

Me and the Rock
Last time I was in Oregon I ended up in front of the rock in The Goonies (at Cannon Beach). And I thought it was windy THERE!

You will still be getting your regular MWF posts that I have been stockpiling, but I’d like to try something new this time I go away.  I’m not bringing my computer with me, but I will have my phone, and I’m going to try out the WordPress app for Android and give you a little taste each day of what we’re up to on the west coast. Plus I have a brand new camera waiting for me upon my arrival, so I’ll be sure to take lots and lots of pictures.

Then when we return I’ll give you a little digest post about all the fun we were up to while we were gone.

So stay tuned!