From Shower to Shower

Did you know?

You can wash your vinyl shower curtain in the washing machine. I’m serious! They all get dingy and covered in soap scum and nobody wants to scrub something like that. Most of the time people just throw them out after about six months or a year. But now you don’t have to!

Mildew and soap scum … euch!

So bung it in the wash, with a little bit of bleach to combat the mildew, and wash away. You can even put it in the dryer if it’s one of the stiffer variety to ease out the wrinkles (just make sure to take it out before it’s done so that it doesn’t melt and so that the wrinkles don’t cool in that position). Mine I just hang back on the shower to dry. Because that’s what it’s supposed to do.


On the plus side, the bathroom has been unpacked – there is so much storage in here I don’t even know what to do with myself. The previous owners had two teenaged girls so that explains why there’s so much space to put stuff. The Pie and I use all the same toiletries between the two of us so we’ve got room to spare.


But check it out! Next to the linen closet in the hallway is the entrance to the bathroom and just inside the entrance to the bathroom is … another closet! Just for bathroom stuff! So you can keep spare tissue, towels, and bathroom cleaners all in one spot!