Finally … It’s Spring

Finally Spring 2

Sorry for the cheater post, but we’re moving tomorrow and I have a birthday cake experiment to attend to.

The trees are still bare, and there are some holdout snowbanks scattered around, but Gren no longer comes home from the park in need of an immediate hose-down.

Finally Spring 9

The local starlings have already started to build their nests in my neighbour’s decrepit roof. Reminds me of the starling family that lived in our bathroom ceiling in St. John’s for three years.

Finally Spring 1

It’s not very warm — in fact, local horticulturists here are warning gardeners to hold off on spring planting in Ottawa until the beginning of June.  But the grass is starting to turn green, and the bulbs are starting to put forth leaves.

Finally Spring 5

And in some cases, even flowers.

Finally Spring 3

And stuff I planted late last fall in a haphazard manner in the middle of a storm is even growing.

Finally Spring 6

This will be rhubarb soon.  That means pie.  And crumble.  And fool. And beverages.

Finally Spring 7

And irises in Ontario grow much better than the ones I had in Newfoundland.

Finally Spring 8

Can we say it’s finally spring?  I think so.  Let’s.

Finally Spring 4

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