Twig Trivet

Here is another nifty gift idea from Martha Stewart.  Next time you’re in the park on a nice day, pick up some straight, strong twigs and take them home with you.Once you’ve got them home, saw them or cut them to the desired length (a trivet is generally between 6″ and 9″ square, but go with what you prefer.

Grab yourself some waxed thread, like sail thread or whipping twine.  We had some old stuff lying around but you can pick it up from a marine supply store.  Waxed string is handy for all sorts of things because once you tie a knot it won’t slip or loosen and will stay pretty much wherever you put it.

Take a length of the twine and fold it in half, slipping your first twig into the loop in the middle.  Double-knot the twine and attach another stick.  Knot again and so on.I reinforced mine by winding the twine around the twigs a few more times.  Then knot the twine so that the knot will be on the bottom of the finished trivet.

Wrap and tie the twine on the other side as well.Cut a piece of felt or wool cloth to fit the trivet and glue it firmly to the bottom to protect whatever surface you put it on.Let the glue dry and then that’s it.  You have it made!

Simple Sewing Machine Cover

I used my sewing machine for the first time in a long while the other day.  It was so dusty that I had to clean it or use a lint-brush removing the dust from that which I was sewing. It took me forever, too, getting into all the little nooks and crannies and whatnot.  What a pain.

I remembered seeing something from Martha Stewart about this a while back.  Use a tea towel to make an easy cover for your sewing machine.

This particular tea towel was a gift from Hen in Sweden.  It makes me feel cheerful to see smiling vegetables.

Measure your towel on the machine first, to see that it will fit.

Cut four equal-length pieces of elastic.  You could use ribbons or twine as well and tie a bow if you wanted. 

Tuck under the end of the elastic (or ribbon) and pin it to the hem of the towel.  I pinned one at the bottom and one about a quarter of the way up the towel.  I did the same to the other side.

Sew the elastics to the hems.  You can of course use your machine for this but I did it by hand.

Fold the towel in half so that the bottom and top hems line up.  Tuck under the loose ends of the elastics and sew them to the opposite side of the folded towel.  Tada!  A cover in five minutes.

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