Fast Tip Friday: the Shampoo Hack

Shampoo Hack 9

In a perfect world, all shampoo and toiletry bottles would have wide, flat tops, like this one. And then when you are trying to get at the last drops you can simply invert the bottle and gravity does the rest of the work.

Shampoo Hack 1

But in the real world there are a bunch with round tops, or tops too narrow to support the weight when the bottle is turned upside down.

Shampoo Hack 2

So they fall over. And you can’t get to that last drop of shampoo-y goodness. And it’s very frustrating. I do have an elegant invention in my brain-meats involving silicone rings but today the solution is much more accessible for the moment.

Shampoo Hack 3

Grab yourself one of those mesh plastic bags you’ve saved from buying fruits or vegetables. I keep these suckers for all sorts of reasons. Cut off any bits that seal it closed so you have an open tube.

Shampoo Hack 4

And grab yourself some string. Or rope. Or chain. Or shoelace. You’ll need two pieces, and you’ll need one that you can tie up.

Shampoo Hack 5

Weave the piece you will be tying up through the holes in the mesh. If you want to avoid the rough edges, fold the mesh over before you start weaving.

Shampoo Hack 6

Slide your shampoo bottle into the mesh bag with the top of the bottle pushing through the hole. Tie the string so the mesh is tight against the bottle.

Shampoo Hack 7

Bunch the open end of the mesh bag grab your other piece of string or whatever and thread it through the mesh to hold it closed.

Shampoo Hack 8

Hang that from a hook in your shower, from the tap, or a suction cup you picked up from the dollar store. ┬áIt ain’t pretty, but it works. And you can fancy it up anyway you want. Now you have access to that very last drop!

Shampoo Hack 10