Tips to a Tender Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin can be one of the best things to eat.  Ever.  If you eat pork, that is.

But it’s all in the preparation in order to make that tenderloin worth eating.

And the trick to good tenderloin is to remove the membrane before cooking.

Yes, you heard me right.

First you take off all the excess fat, of course.

Then you get hold of that ooey gooey membrane.

It’s slippery, so another handy trick is to pull it off with the aid of a paper towel.  It makes things grippier.

You may need a knife to get under the more stubborn bits of membrane still clinging tenaciously to the tenderloin.  Not to fear: you will prevail.  In this case, might makes right.Get as much of it as you can, then season or marinade your tenderloin and cook it at a high temperature, around 450°F or so, until the internal temperature is about 135°F, about 25 minutes.  Mmm!