Camouflaging the Freezer

Camouflaging Freezer 1

I inherited this freezer from Mrs. Nice. The one that the Pie and I bought when we moved to St. John’s we gave to Krystopf and Atlas for storing food for Gen. Zod, and then we didn’t have one anymore and Mrs. Nice didn’t need this one so we got it. She’d been using it as a work table of sorts in the garage, however, and so the top of it is a little marred, to say the least.

Camouflaging Freezer 3

So I got this coloured Con-Tact Paper and decided to cover it over.

Camouflaging Freezer 5

First I cleaned the surface of the freezer thoroughly. If you were feeling super adventurous you could cover the whole freezer but I was mostly just concerned with covering up the rust marks so I just did the very top.

Camouflaging Freezer 4

Then I cut the first piece to overlap the lid of the freezer just a little bit at the back and pulled off the first part of the backing. When you’re dealing with a big sheet of adhesive vinyl you only want to pull off a little bit of the backing at a time.

Camouflaging Freezer 6

Then you can easily smooth out all the bubbles as you work.

Camouflaging Freezer 7

Now if I’d been more clever I would have gotten some kind of Con-Tact paper that could overlap better but again, this is a freezer in my basement so I’m not super concerned about the ends matching up.

Camouflaging Freezer 8

It’s simple to score the paper with scissors to trim it at the ends.

Camouflaging Freezer 9

Tada. I’m not looking at the icky bits any more, and I’ve been meaning to do this for EVER. I wish I’d done it to our old rusty fridge in St. John’s so I wouldn’t have to look at it anymore.

Camouflaging Freezer 11

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