Screen Printing and the Breeding of Future Fandoms


Full Derp 1

We’ve been honing our screen printing technique these past few weeks, so I thought I’d show you all some of our newest creations.

Here are some onesies I bought at Old Navy and printed up for Krystopf and Atlas’s baby boy who is due in October.

Screen Print Update 4

Krystopf really liked my giant squid so I figured I could make him and his future son matchy-matchy shirts.  And babies are grabby.  Squids are grabby.  Same difference.

Screen Print Update 1

And babies bite and have short useless arms.  And Tyrannosauruses bite and have short useless arms.  They’re pretty much the same thing, right?  RIGHT?

Screen Print Update 2

And we’ve recently found out that Rusty and his girlfriend are expecting in the new year so I figured I’d get ahead of the game and rustled up these two.  Rusty (like most people I know) is a huge fan of the ill-fated Joss Whedon show Firefly, so I figured any kid of his would end up being a fan, too.

Screen Print Update 9

I think both of these quotations are super appropriate for babies.  This one is inspirational (in a way): “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.”  We don’t want to talk about what happens after Wash said that.  We’re just not gonna talk about it.

Screen Print Update 7

But don’t you love how I got the name printed on the pocket like a wee badge!  SO CUTE!  I had to do that separately and so it was like the world’s smallest screen print!  Actually, the MAL (for Malcolm Reynolds) on the one below was even shorter so TECHNICALLY …

Screen Print Update 5

And everyone knows that most kids are secretly saying, “I aim to misbehave.”  I was trying for a rich brown here (because that’s kind of the colour of Firefly) but it sank in a bit too much to the fabric here and didn’t show as much as I wanted.  But that’s okay.  It means I can keep on making more until I get it right!

Screen Print Update 6

Oh and here is one that the Pie made.  This was our first double-colour overlay, and it didn’t come out as clear as we’d wanted because our screen was getting old and was a bit on the loose side.  But it was a good first attempt.  And it is a spoof on Capcom, but I don’t really understand the reference.  You’d have to ask the Pie.  He seems to think it’s really funny.

Screen Print Update 10


The T-Shirt Ring

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 20

This is a cute little last-minute stocking stuffer idea from Homemade Ginger.  You can do it with either hot glue or a needle and thread, and make all sorts of nifty floral accents.

What you need is an old cotton t-shirt, or any other jersey material.  The Pie wore this shirt for Hallowe’en.  He dressed as Peter Parker, the alter ego for his hero Spider-Man, so he just needed to paint the collar of a red shirt to look like he was hiding a Spider-Man costume under his street clothes.  So while he painted the top, I’m just going to use the bottom.

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 1

You’re going to cut the hem off the bottom, and cut several circles out of the main fabric.  You’ll also need a circle of felt, about the same size as your circles.  If you’re making a ring you’ll want the circle to be relatively small, whereas if you were making a brooch then the circle will be a bit bigger.

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 2

Take a pencil or toothpick or the end of a paintbrush and jab it into the centre of one of your fabric circles.  Scrunch it up around the paintbrush or whatever.  Put a dab of hot glue on the tip of that.

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 9

Stick the circle onto the circle of felt.

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 10

Repeat, sticking the circles close together, until you’ve filled up the felt.

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 11

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 12

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 13

Trim the result with scissors for tidiness.

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 16

To make a bracelet, measure your finger with the t-shirt hem and cut off an appropriately long piece, with a bit of overlap.

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 4

Glue the overlap down, then attach it, with the seam side hidden, to the felt.

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 5

For a ring, simply make the hem loop a little smaller.

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 7

For a brooch, and if you don’t have any of those handy jewelry backing pieces around, take a safety pin, cut two slits in another circle of felt, and slide it through so the working pieces are exposed.

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 3

Glue that to the other piece of felt.

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 15

That’s it.  Easy and fun.

T-Shirt Ring Etc. 19

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