Spring Not Sprung

Spring Not Sprung 7

Before I begin with our regular post┬átoday I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to each and every one of you who wrote in with your support this past week. The Pie and I really appreciate all your positive comments and we’re really grateful for the fantastic crowd that shows up on the Ali Does It site.

Now enough with the mushy stuff.

Spring Not Sprung 10

Whoever said that April showers bring May flowers clearly never visited my neck of the woods. What April showers bring is a giant swamp at the bottom of my yard and pretty much nothing else. While the bulbs and perennials are just starting to think about poking shoots out of the soil, and while the grass is starting to shade itself just this side of brown, we still have a long way to go.

Spring Not Sprung 13

So I figured if I couldn’t bring spring inside with me, I’d bring some form of nature in instead.

Spring Not Sprung 8

I’ve been staring at these seed pods on my daily dog walks since the fall and I absolutely love them. I figured that they’ve long since dropped whatever seeds were in them so it wouldn’t be a bad thing to haul a few with me back to the house.

Spring Not Sprung 2

Not exactly a harbinger of spring but pretty nonetheless.

Spring Not Sprung 6

And there’s a wee bit of spring showing there, too.

Spring Not Sprung 12