Rack Refurb

Rack Refurb 2

I have this toiletries rack hanging from the shower in our current bathroom. It was a decent price and it does the job. It is, however, very rusty at the moment.

Rack Refurb 3

No worries: a little CLR bath overnight will cure that.

Rack Refurb 1

First I pulled off all the little pieces that didn’t need to be de-rusted, including the suction cups, and immersed it in my laundry sink with water and CLR and left it for several hours.

Rack Refurb 4

The next morning, a wee bit of scrubbing with steel wool got all the rust off!

Rack Refurb 5

Then I quickly spray painted it with Rustoleum in glossy white to prevent further rust incursions. I do not recommend doing this in your garage when it’s -20°C outside: the paint does not behave properly. But it did the trick and here it is, reassembled and now inhabiting my NEW bathroom!

Rack Refurb 7

Spray-Painting Indoors

Spray-Painting Indoors

Here’s a tip for the next time you need to do some spray painting and you have no choice but to do it inside.

Spray-Painting Indoors

To keep the mist of paint off everything else you own, do your painting inside a box.  It will catch most of the stuff that doesn’t land on the object you’re painting.

Spray-Painting Indoors

Just make sure to tape up any holes so you don’t have leaks.

Spray-Painting Indoors