I may be a scarf addict.

Scarf Rack 6

I own a good many scarves.  Because I’m allergic to metal I tend to avoid necklaces.  I wear scarves instead, sometimes with a fetching vintage brooch pinned in a strategic way.   When we first moved to St. John’s the scarf trend hadn’t yet made it to the Rock and people tended to look askance at my “old lady” attire.  Since then, however, they’ve picked up here in a big way and I’m very glad.

Scarf Rack 8

I love figuring out new ways to tie and drape the things, in their different lengths and textures.

Scarf Rack 7

My mother is also big into scarves.  And when she goes through a scarf purge, I’m the first beneficiary.  Then Cait and I fight over them.

Scarf Rack 9

So as I said, I have a good many.  So many sometimes I forget which ones I own.  I wanted a way to keep them organized and stored in such a way that I could see each and every one of them.

Scarf Rack 5

We had this towel rack on our door that was rubbish for towels because the position of the rods put the towels too close together and they didn’t dry.  When we replaced it we ended up with a spare rack.

Scarf Rack 1

But it’s perfect for all my scarves, which now hang on the outside of the closet door, so I can see them and be reminded to wear them all.  Our belts are at the top.

Scarf Rack 4

How do you organize your scarves?

Scarf Rack 2

Ruched Scarf

Sorry for the delay in this posting — technical glitch!

Ruched Scarves

I love scarves.  They’re a very popular fashion accessory in Ottawa, and they’re starting to become more common here in St. John’s.  Mags gave me this one for Christmas a few years back and I love it.  I always get compliments on it.

Ruched Scarves

So why not give one back, to both my sisters-in-law, Mags and Thidz, and Atlas, my sister-in-law to-be?

Ruched Scarves

This was a little tricky, because I was working with slippery fabric and going entirely by hand from a plan locked inside my mind.  But it was simple enough, thankfully, that I couldn’t screw it up.  It just took a while.

Ruched Scarves

I had two pieces of fabric that I thought would make great scarves, and they were a decent length.  I cut them in half lengthwise, and so ended up with four scarves — one extra.

Ruched Scarves

To hem the outside edges, I rolled the fabric under itself, as you can see here.

Ruched Scarves

Then I used a whip stitch, which I pulled tight, to get a gathered border.

Ruched Scarves

For the middle, I ironed a crease down the centre of this fabric as a guideline.

Ruched Scarves

Then I used a gathered whip stitch again to make the ruched edge.

Ruched Scarves

This is the completed white scarf. Or a part of it at least. My lightbox isn’t big enough for you to get the full effect.

Ruched Scarves

On this silver fabric, it was harder to do the edges because the fabric kept fraying, but easier to do the ruching in the middle because I could follow the pattern on the cloth.

Ruched Scarves

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