Ali Does It In Ottawa

Today’s the day.

I’ve had my life reduced to the contents of five garbage bags and a set of hockey equipment and it’s time to begin some research.

So I’m heading back to Ottawa for the next nine months to work with a hockey team there for my doctoral dissertation.  The Pie is coming with me for a brief vacation with his family and my brother’s wedding but then he has to head back to The Rock in September — he has his own school to do, after all.

I’ve got a goodly set of posts-in-waiting for your entertainment while I try to put my new life (living back with my parents, eek!) in order.

It’s going to be hard to get used to my parents’ kitchen again, which, although lovely, is dark and has unfortunate-coloured counters.  I may have to improvise.

I’m going to try to keep the regular posting schedule up, but with research and everything it’s all up in the air.  Until then, stay tuned!