Wingin’ It Wednesday: Stuffed Ham

Stuffed Ham 23

Don’t be too weirded out by that title. I mean, stuffed ham is a little odd, but it’s doable.  The Pie and I were planning a lazy Easter supper and he had hauled a small pre-cooked ham out of the freezer. But I wanted to try something a bit different so I thought, why does no one stuff hams like they do turkeys? So I gave it some thought, and I did some research.

Stuffed Ham 19

There are stuffed ham recipes involving complex cutting of grooves and bread crumbs and lots of work – usually for a larger, on-the-bone type of ham. But I wanted to be lazy and innovative all at the same time.

Stuffed Ham 1

So first I thawed out about half a package of frozen spinach (ended up being about 150g). I squeezed out the extra water and chucked it in a bowl.

Stuffed Ham 2

Then I added 1 package plain cream cheese (250g). It was previously frozen so that’s why it’s all crumbly like that.

Stuffed Ham 3

And some salt and pepper.

Stuffed Ham 4

Then I realized it was in too small of a bowl so I moved it.

Stuffed Ham 5

And gave it a good stirring.

Stuffed Ham 6

Now here I have my pre-cooked ham.

Stuffed Ham 7

I took a paring knife to it and cut it in a spiral from the cut side (the knife didn’t go all the way through).

Stuffed Ham 8

Stuffed Ham 9

Then. Well, then I stuffed it with my cream cheese mixture. It was not as easy as I thought it would be.

Stuffed Ham 10

I plopped the remainder on the cut side top.

Stuffed Ham 11

Wrapped it in tin foil, and baked it at 350°F for about an hour, until the internal temperature was about 145°F. I ended up unwrapping the aluminum foil after a while because it was doing too good a job of insulating the ham.

Stuffed Ham 13

Stuffed Ham 14

Then the question was, how do you carve it?

Stuffed Ham 17

I went with plain slices.

Stuffed Ham 20

Despite it being a total madcap experiment, it was really good!

Stuffed Ham 21

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