Peony Hoop

Peonies have to be one of my favourite flowers, and I am pleased to have a rather successful peony growing in my backyard.  I rescued it from the wind ravages of the front beds two years ago and it’s doing great.  It probably would do better in full sun, but it’s nice and sheltered where it is.

But peonies have very heavy flowers in comparison to their delicate stems, and peonies fall over.  Often.  In fact, almost all the time.

You can buy peony hoops for about $40.

Obviously I’m not going to do that.  I’m a make my own.

For this wee project you will need a wire coat hanger (the only wire hanger in my whole house) and a scrap of wood (this is a piece of flooring).

You will also need a power drill and some pliers. My power drill belonged to my grandfather.  It is OLD.Oh, and a saw.

First, I drilled two roughly even holes near the top of the scrap of wood.

Then I used the saw on the bottom to make a bit of a point so it would be easier to bury.

I took the pliers and opened up the hanger.

Using the support to my porch, I bent the hanger round to form a loop.

I used the pliers to straighten out some of the kinky bits.

Then I used them as a fulcrum to bend the ends of the wire at a right angle.

Now I have my loop.

I stuck the loop ends through the holes in the scrap of wood.

I wrapped the loose ends around the wood.

Dug a hole.

Buried it.Sure, it’s not the prettiest of jobs, but it took me ten minutes, cost me nothing, and it works.  Can’t beat that.

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