Fast Tip Friday: Cracker Crumble

Cracker Crust 7

I really hate throwing out food, but the Ritz crackers I’d bought for our slow cooker dips were all crushed and not really worth eating as crackers.  I was mostly annoyed because I had bought them in that condition.  Sheesh.

Cracker Crust 1

So while they were still in the bag, I crushed them up into little pieces. Didn’t take long — they were mostly broken anyway.

Cracker Crust 2

Then I chucked them in a bowl with a little bit of butter and some basil and oregano and gave that a stir.

Cracker Crust 3

We were having a meatball pasta bake that night so I thought a nice crumb crust wouldn’t go amiss.

Cracker Crust 4

So I sprinkled it over top and baked as usual. Tada!

Cracker Crust 6