Fast-Tip Friday: Storing Jewelry

(Sorry for the glitch with the photographs there, folks. Seems Flickr is subtly changing the addresses of my photos after I’ve already posted them …)

Next week is jammed packed chock full of fantastically amazing recipes, so I’m going to leave you hanging with a handy tip to tide you over for the weekend.

Get ready for a shock: this is my jewelry box.

Storing Jewelry 1

I know it looks totally chaotic, but I swear it’s organized.

The thing is, I own a huge amount of jewelry.  Most of it is just costume stuff, but some of it is inherited.  I’m also horribly allergic to metal, so I can’t wear most of it.  At least, not until my body chemistry changes in the future.  So I keep it all stored very carefully.

Storing Jewelry 2

I save tiny and odd-sized plastic bags, with the Ziploc-like seals, whenever I find them.

Storing Jewelry 7

Then I keep my rings together.

Storing Jewelry 3

And my necklaces separate, which keeps their chains from tangling together and also protects them from exposure to air that will cause them to tarnish.

Storing Jewelry 4

And the finer chains I also take the clasp part and seal it on the other side of the closure.  I find this ensures that the fine links won’t tangle with themselves or with the heavier clasp.

Storing Jewelry 6

Whenever I go home I usually spend an hour or so with my mother’s jewelry collection, doing the same thing.  For stuff that you don’t wear all that often, it really works.

Storing Jewelry 5

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