Bulletin Board Beautification

I think I’ve had this bulletin board for twenty-five years, and someone else had it before me.  It’s held up pretty well, I think, but its age is starting to show.

Bulletin Board Beautification 1

There are certainly a large number of holes in it.

Bulletin Board Beautification 2

It’s not even made of cork: it’s like burlap and some sponge-y/fibre-y stuff.

Bulletin Board Beautification 4

And there are weird scraps of whatnot on the frame.

Bulletin Board Beautification 3

But why buy a new one when I can make this one new again?

I had this pretty fabric stuffed in my crafty closet.  It’s actually a stretch cotton, which will help me to get it very tightly attached to the bulletin board.

Bulletin Board Beautification 5

I cut it to vaguely fit the size of the board.

Bulletin Board Beautification 6

Then I pulled out these metal staples with a pair of needle-nosed pliers.  So I’m left with the frame and the board.

Bulletin Board Beautification 7

I stretched the fabric across the board and used a staple gun to fasten the fabric into place.  You could probably use a hot glue gun as well.

Bulletin Board Beautification 8

Then I quickly sanded down the frame with fine sandpaper and removed the hanging hardware temporarily. I painted it with this cute metallic teal craft paint.

Bulletin Board Beautification 9

I reattached the hanging hardware to the top of the frame, and then fit the board back into place with glue.  It’s a tighter squeeze with the fabric covering it.

Bulletin Board Beautification 11

Tada!  I’m glad I didn’t have to replace something that was still functional, and that I could add a personal touch to my office organization!

Bulletin Board Beautification 12

Bulletin Board Beautification 13

It’s hard for me to be artistic in arranging a bulletin board to appeal to the tastes of the internet, and really there’s only so much you can do with license plate renewals, energy cost charts, and a pair of scissors.  Though I did dress it up with a super cute pic of me and Cait that I found while I was looking for something else.  So that’s something.

Bulletin Board Beautification 14

Fast Tip Friday: New Uses for Old Things

File Storage Kitchen Storage 1

About ten years ago, I bought this desktop file holder from Staples while I was working as a paralegal.  It was particularly handy in holding the case files I was currently working on.  They got kind of fat after a while and I liked how wide the spaces were.

After I left that job, I took the file holder with me, but I’ve never used it to its full potential since, so I thought I might put it to another use, this time in the kitchen.

But for what?

I could use it to stack my baking sheets and muffin tins …

File Storage Kitchen Storage 2

… or my cutting boards and cooling racks.

File Storage Kitchen Storage 3

Though my cutting boards seem to be happiest right next to the microwave (that always seems to be where I keep them).

File Storage Kitchen Storage 4

And my cooling racks can go in this otherwise useless cabinet above the stove.

File Storage Kitchen Storage 5

Pot lids and frying pans?

File Storage Kitchen Storage 6

Cake pans?

File Storage Kitchen Storage 7

Glass-lock food storage lids? So many options!

File Storage Kitchen Storage 8

In the end, I tucked my Tupperware stuff inside the largest bin I had and used the file holder as a rack for my baking sheets (option one).

File Storage Kitchen Storage 9

I think I might see if I can get another one to use for my frying pans.  This seems like a workable system to me.