Distractions: Easy Finger Paints

Finger Paint 13

It’s Christmas Eve.  If you have small children, I’m sure your nerves are frayed with their over-excitement.  We’re having enough trouble dealing with just Rusty today, and he’s over thirty.

Finger Paint 15

Why not whip up this quick distraction tool (from Easie Peasie, what a great name) for the young (and old) to keep them busy for a while.  It’s worth the mess, I think.

Finger Paint 9

In a small saucepan, combine 3 tablespoons sugar, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 cup corn starch, and 2 cups water.

Finger Paint 1

Heat, whisking often, until the mixture starts to thicken.  It happens all at once, so make sure you’re paying attention.

Finger Paint 2


Finger Paint 3

If you keep going it will turn into plastic, so make sure it’s still stir-able when you take it off the heat.

Finger Paint 4

Remove from the heat and pour it into individual containers.

Finger Paint 6

Use food colouring to create the desired colours.

Finger Paint 7

Stir those colours in well.  Make sure you scrape the bottom and sides to get it all mixed in.

Finger Paint 8

I went with the classic rainbow.

Finger Paint 10

Keep the paints sealed and out of direct sunlight.  Give them a bit of a stir before using, because there will be a bit of a dry skin on top.

Finger Paint 11

When I was young my dad refinished our back room, where the laundry machines were, and the door to the backyard.  While it was empty, my mother chucked in a huge roll of craft paper and a pile of finger paints and I would spend hours back there, making a mess.  I’m handing these (along with a roll of craft paper) over to the Incredibly Little Hulk and Il Principe when they get back from Kansas so I’m sure I will be soon seeing some very painty little boys.

Finger Paint 14


Rainbow-Dipped Wooden Spoons

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 27

This is a great and quick gift for people who are just starting out in a new home.  When I saw it over at A Pretty Cool Life I knew I had to do it.  And maybe even jazz up my own wooden spoons while I was at it, though at present I only own two. You can never have too many spoons (especially when you’re entertaining and all is chaos), and these bright and shiny ones are a great accent for any kitchen.

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 24

So you need some spoons, wooden ones. The Pie and I picked these up at Winners for a reasonable price. We did two sets, six spoons each. And you need some craft paint. We had six spoons, so we picked up six colours. We went with Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint.  It had a nice finish, was easy to apply, and is guaranteed to be non-toxic and food safe.  And if you let it cure for 21 days, then you can pop these babies in the dishwasher with no worries.

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 1

I gave the spoons a quick sand with some fine-grade sandpaper to get some of the splinters and rough edges off.  Then I measured to see where I wanted the paint to go.  These self-healing cutting mats also make great ruler-like work surfaces.

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 2

Then I used masking tape along the line I measured and pressed it down securely to make sure the paint wouldn’t bleed under.

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 3

These are my own wooden spoons here.  I originally wanted to do a set of stripes forming a rainbow on each handle, with them being the reverse of each other, so I blocked off 1″ increments for my stripes, figuring I could do a few colours at a time.  Conveniently, my masking tape is also 1″ thick.

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 4

I wedged the spoons in plastic cups with some rocks in the bottom for stability.  This way they can dry properly without touching anything else.

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 5

Then I set up my palette in an old pie pan.  Re-use, re-use, re-use!

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 6

Then I painted.  It was easy.  Leave an hour between coats to make sure it dries properly.  I ended up doing three coats on the spoons I was giving away, though I only did one coat on my own spoons.

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 7

When I took the tape off my own spoons in order to mask off the already painted sections, I decided I liked the stripes just as they were.

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 8

And if you put the spoons together it forms a rainbow!

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 10

And of course the other spoons are raring to go, just waiting for their requisite 21 days of curing.

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 13

If you have a glass utensil holder, you can put them handle-side-down.

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 19

Or if not, have them handle-side-up.

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 21

Either way, they’re a cheery addition to my kitchen.  Can I keep them?

Rainbow Wooden Spoons 23

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