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Alphabet Trays 13

The only problem I have about hand crafting all my Christmas gifts and then putting them on the blog is that my whole darned family reads it. So it’s kind of hard to keep things under wraps. I try my best, but in this particular case it’s pretty obvious who these are for (because they’re monogrammed, geez).

Alphabet Trays 9

Anyway, I picked up some air dry clay at DeSerres and thought I’d have a little fun with it.  These little trays are easy to make and a nice little element of home-made personalization for any home.  They’re great gifts for teachers, too, and your kids can make them all by themselves.  They can be hung on the wall or, depending on the size, used as actual trays for non-food items.

Alphabet Trays 1

Start by working the clay with your hands and rolling it out to be about 1/4″ thick.  With a knife, cut the base of your initial out.  I freehanded this, but measuring with rulers and such would probably help.

Alphabet Trays 2

Then work on cutting out your sides, making sure they fit the dimensions of your little tray.

Alphabet Trays 3

You may need to use little snakes of clay, etc., to get the sides to stick on properly.

Alphabet Trays 4

Use a spoon or a clay smoothing tool to flatten out any cracks at the seams.

Alphabet Trays 5

Then leave your clay dishes to dry for a while.  These took about three days to dry completely.

Alphabet Trays 6

There was a little bit of shrinkage at the seams on parts of mine so I just reinforced them with some white glue.

Alphabet Trays 8

Then I painted them with regular craft paint, and I went with a lighter colour on the inside with the outside edges being a darker version.

Alphabet Trays 10

The bottoms I painted black with a giant red heart in the middle, because Mags and the Flying Dutchman are such lovebirds.  These are also coated with a spray sealant for longevity. I think it’s pretty cute.

Alphabet Trays 11

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