Fast Tip Friday: New Uses for Old Things

File Storage Kitchen Storage 1

About ten years ago, I bought this desktop file holder from Staples while I was working as a paralegal.  It was particularly handy in holding the case files I was currently working on.  They got kind of fat after a while and I liked how wide the spaces were.

After I left that job, I took the file holder with me, but I’ve never used it to its full potential since, so I thought I might put it to another use, this time in the kitchen.

But for what?

I could use it to stack my baking sheets and muffin tins …

File Storage Kitchen Storage 2

… or my cutting boards and cooling racks.

File Storage Kitchen Storage 3

Though my cutting boards seem to be happiest right next to the microwave (that always seems to be where I keep them).

File Storage Kitchen Storage 4

And my cooling racks can go in this otherwise useless cabinet above the stove.

File Storage Kitchen Storage 5

Pot lids and frying pans?

File Storage Kitchen Storage 6

Cake pans?

File Storage Kitchen Storage 7

Glass-lock food storage lids? So many options!

File Storage Kitchen Storage 8

In the end, I tucked my Tupperware stuff inside the largest bin I had and used the file holder as a rack for my baking sheets (option one).

File Storage Kitchen Storage 9

I think I might see if I can get another one to use for my frying pans.  This seems like a workable system to me.

Coordinating My Crafty Crap: Cupcake Cups

Happy Good Friday!

Cupcake Cups in a Jar 1

I’m going to go easy on you with a Fast Tip Friday because you’re probably trying to sort out your weekend and all the stores are closed.  This is all over Pinterest and the Google and I really like the idea, so here it is.

Cupcake Cups in a Jar 3

Rather than poorly stacking all the different containers of your cupcake cups (because if you’re like me, you’re darn right you have several different kinds), or losing them in the back of a drawer, or having them get crushed by something heavier, why not arrange them all nicely in a large glass jar?  This is just the right level of cutesy that I can handle without vomiting glitter.  I can also see tying a pretty ribbon around the lid and giving it as a housewarming gift to an avid baker!

Cupcake Cups in a Jar 4