Mind Blown: Cups and Saucers

Cups & Saucers 1

Ever so slowly the Pie and I are beginning to tackle parts of the house where when we moved in we found a temporary solution and left it at that for the nonce. One of these areas is the kitchen. Every week I try to tackle one cupboard or drawer to make it make a bit more sense. This week I was browsing through one of the million or so emails that Martha Stewart sends me (because, y’know, we’re like, besties), and I saw something that totally blew my mind. This was the current configuration of my mug cupboard, with my Denby teacups stacked haphazardly on top of each other, tipping every which way, and my saucers stored in a totally different cupboard, with my dessert plates.

Cups & Saucers 2

Turns out, that’s crazy pants. If you store your cups and saucers together, in fact, if you store them alternating cup and saucer, stacked on top of each other, you get a more stable stack, and a much more streamlined tea-making process, as you can just grab however many sets of cup and saucer that you need at any given time.

Cups & Saucers 3

Plus the stack is much more stable and damage to your more delicate cups is less likely to happen. My Denby ones will sustain a nuclear blast but if I HAD tiny delicate ones I’d do it the same way.

Cups & Saucers 4

Fast Tip Friday: Hooks and Organizational Hacks

When it comes to home organization, I’m kind of lazy. I don’t like to go out and buy super expensive specialty organizational items unless I absolutely have to. For my pot cupboard, I could have gotten one of those fancy lid separators to keep all my pot lids organized, but I had just finished a project where I had a dozen mug hooks left over so I figured I’d just go with what I had and I think the custom sizing I did on this makes everything much more convenient for me.

Home Org. Hack Hooks 2

To hold my small lids in place I needed only two strategically placed hooks. The tiny lid on top was an exception just because of its shape. But not everything you have is going to fit handily into whatever it is you buy, either, so it’s nice that I had room to improvise.

Home Org. Hack Hooks 1

The larger ones needed another hook at the back to keep them contained, but overall I’m very pleased with how this worked out!

Home Org. Hack Hooks 3

Fast Tip Friday: New Uses for Old Things

File Storage Kitchen Storage 1

About ten years ago, I bought this desktop file holder from Staples while I was working as a paralegal.  It was particularly handy in holding the case files I was currently working on.  They got kind of fat after a while and I liked how wide the spaces were.

After I left that job, I took the file holder with me, but I’ve never used it to its full potential since, so I thought I might put it to another use, this time in the kitchen.

But for what?

I could use it to stack my baking sheets and muffin tins …

File Storage Kitchen Storage 2

… or my cutting boards and cooling racks.

File Storage Kitchen Storage 3

Though my cutting boards seem to be happiest right next to the microwave (that always seems to be where I keep them).

File Storage Kitchen Storage 4

And my cooling racks can go in this otherwise useless cabinet above the stove.

File Storage Kitchen Storage 5

Pot lids and frying pans?

File Storage Kitchen Storage 6

Cake pans?

File Storage Kitchen Storage 7

Glass-lock food storage lids? So many options!

File Storage Kitchen Storage 8

In the end, I tucked my Tupperware stuff inside the largest bin I had and used the file holder as a rack for my baking sheets (option one).

File Storage Kitchen Storage 9

I think I might see if I can get another one to use for my frying pans.  This seems like a workable system to me.

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