Baseball Keychain

Baseball Keychain 25

Now we get into all the gift posts that I didn’t have a chance to post before Christmas. But this is why we have the DIY Gift tab so you can look ’em up in time for NEXT holiday season. This one is pretty easy, and you can whip up two of these baseball keychains in less than an hour.

Baseball Keychain 4

So what you need is a leather baseball (old or new, it’s your choice, though I like the weathering on an old ball), 2 keychain jump rings (they tend to be sold in pairs), a sturdy sewing needle, some red embroidery floss, a craft knife, and 2 small carabiners (optional). You could also use a pair of scissors to cut the thread, but I just used the knife, like a badass.

Baseball Keychain 1

First, take your baseball and rest it on a sturdy surface and hold it firmly in one hand. Use the craft knife to cut along the seam of the ball, severing all the threads that are holding it together.

Baseball Keychain 8

Now you can peel off the two leather pieces.

Baseball Keychain 11

Discard the ball (it’s basically just a tightly wrapped ball of twine).

Baseball Keychain 12

Peel off the string that is stuck to the underside of the leather pieces.

Baseball Keychain 13

Try to get as much off as you can.

Baseball Keychain 16

Now you can pull out the cut stitching.

Baseball Keychain 15

Two naked baseball halves. They will be slightly sticky and so will adhere to themselves when you fold them.

Baseball Keychain 17

But before you do, make sure to thread a jump ring on and slide it to the narrow part of the leather.

Baseball Keychain 18

Now cut yourself a lengthy piece of embroidery floss and thread it onto your needle so that the thread is doubled.

Baseball Keychain 19

Start sewing. I thought about using the blanket stitch here but I wanted the thread lines to align with the old stitching grooves so I ended up just using the whip stitch.

Baseball Keychain 20

It was easier to align the grooves on my second one.

Baseball Keychain 24

Keep going until you get to the other end.

Baseball Keychain 22

Tie off your thread and tuck it between the folds of the leather piece to hide the knot. Add your (optional) carabiner and you’re all set. Feel free to monogram the keychain as well.

Baseball Keychain 23

Card Key Chain

Thanks, Alidoesit readers, for a whole year of DIY posts!  Your feedback has been great!

I definitely got this idea from Martha Stewart, but it’s a good one.

I try to avoid joining memberships at stores and things, because I hate carrying cards, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself.  As a result my wallet is jam-packed with cards that I don’t necessarily use on a daily basis.  Plus, they’re tucked inside my wallet when the Pie needs them or vice versa.

Some companies are smart and they give you a wee tag to fit on your key chain.

So why not have a key chain solely for the cards you don’t use all the time?

It’s a simple matter to poke holes in all your cards with a hole punch.  I figure that the middle of the side of the card is the best place to avoid cutting through magnetic tape and bar codes and the like.

Then you can just stick them all together on your key chain of choice, ready for you to use whenever you need them, available to whoever needs them.  Hang them in your car, clipped to your purse, or in the front hall by the door — wherever is convenient for you.

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