Fast-Tip Friday: Cane Corrale

On Wednesday our stuff finally arrived in Ottawa and we stored it in our garage. While we were waiting for the moving truck to show up, I noticed this handy organizational shortcut that my dad has taken.

Cane Corrale 1

At the end of the summer/beginning of the fall, when you’re starting to clear up your garden for the winter, you tend to end up with a lot of garden-y implements to put away.

Cane Corrale 3

These bamboo canes generally hold up all sorts of plants but when they’re stored for the winter they fall down instead, usually on unsuspecting people (like me).

Cane Corrale 2

My dad had this piece of PVC lying around from an experiment with a chemical fume hood so he just shoved all the canes in there and he’s all set.  The open bottom of the pipe allows all the dirt to filter out so it’s not hiding from you later.  It’s perfect.

Cane Corrale 4

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