Fast Tip Friday: Fancy in a Pinch

Cake Stands 13This has definitely been done out there on the internetz. But I needed some tiered cake stands for this upcoming shindig and I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money so I made them myself. I think my grand total on four sets was $25, which is the usual price of just one. Cake Stands 3

Make sure you clean everything well before you start. You’ll need some plates and some vases or glasses.

Cake Stands 1I have this silicone adhesive that’s leftover from my failed Kintsurokoi experiment and some carbon-silicate sandpaper from my glass-cutting exploits (I never throw anything away). Cake Stands 4

I used the sandpaper to rough up the areas on the plates and glasses to which I’d be applying adhesive.

Cake Stands 5Then I carefully applied large amounts of silicone adhesive to the rims of the glasses I was sticking down. Cake Stands 6

And ever-so-carefully plopped them on the plates. You might want to measure where the centre is. I eyeballed it. But that’s my style.

Cake Stands 7And added more plates. Cake Stands 8

I followed the instructions on the adhesive (you should always do that) and let it cure for 24 hours.

Cake Stands 9They’re going to make great little treat stands! Cake Stands 12

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