Handy Items Week: Immersion Blender

Cait and her fiancé  iPM will be on a whirlwind tour of St. John’s this week, so the Pie and I will be playing host and tour guide while they’re here.

To keep you entertained until they get out of our hair and I can give you your own personal tour of my city, I’m giving you eight days of gadgets that I cannot live without.

My mother calls this machine a Brzzht, because that’s the noise it makes when you use it.  She has a wee Braun with a pulse action.

Mine is an attachment on a lightweight electric hand-mixer I bought a few years ago, and I much prefer mine for the grip and the boosted power.

It’s so much easier to make a blended soup or hummus straight in the pot than it is to put it in a blender or food processor first. 

All you have to wash in this case is the blending attachment, and it’s a snap to put together.

Save yourself some dishes!