Knit This

Do you have knitters in your family?  I do.  I am one.  Though not a very good one.

In any case, knitting needles are a remarkably easy thing to make (according to Martha Stewart) and they make a great little gift.

You can get doweling of several different thicknesses at any hardware or craft store. 

Saw the dowel to the desired length (my dowels were all 36″, so I cut most of my needles to 12″ lengths, though I did make a set of four 9″ double-ended needles).  Use a pencil sharpener to create a point.

Sand the dowels down to create a smooth surface that won’t catch on the yarn.  Make sure as well to dull the points a bit.  It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.  You can rub the needles with a bit of warm beeswax, just to protect them and let the wool slide a bit easier.

Then all you have to do is use a glue gun to put colourful buttons at the ends. 

And there you have it.  Tie them with some pretty ribbon and give them all away!

Or keep some.  Your choice.


Handy Items Week: Seagull Laundry Rack

Cait and her fiancé  iPM will be on a whirlwind tour of St. John’s this week, so the Pie and I will be playing host and tour guide while they’re here.

To keep you entertained until they get out of our hair and I can give you your own personal tour of my city, I’m giving you eight days of gadgets that I cannot live without.

Today is the ‘seagull’ laundry rack.

To save on our energy bills and to be nicer to the environment, the Pie and I try to air-dry all our laundry.

Because we live in Newfoundland, which is windy and damp all the time, an outdoor laundry line is out of the question.  At least on our street, which is a veritable wind tunnel.

I’ve had two of these seagull racks for years now, and they are fantastic.  They hold more clothes than the other styles of rack and the enamel coating keeps them from rusting or marking the wet clothes. They fold up nice and flat and are easy to store away.

At one point I tried to hang eight pairs of jeans on this rack and it kind of buckled.  But I’ve since reinforced it with two pieces of dowelling and some copper wire and now it holds all the heaviest clothes while I put the lighter ones on the other rack.

They cost me about $24 each at Loblaws some years ago.

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