Coordinating My Crafty Crap: the Desk Drawer

Desk Drawer 3

We are moving in about a week so I’m not entirely sure how permanent this particular solution is, as the desk I’m currently using doesn’t belong to me and the desk I have not yet acquired may or may not have a drawer. Anyway, the Pie got some piece of technological something a few months back and when we unpacked it I found a cardboard “box” shaped like this.

Desk Drawer 2

Isn’t it perfect for a drawer organizer? (Just say yes. Humour me.) The best thing about drawer organizers is that there’s only just SO much room for any one thing.  So instead of having your fifteen favourite highlighters in there, you can only fit one or two, which cuts down on clutter, and saves your office drawer from becoming a catch-all junk drawer.

Desk Drawer 1

You can buy stuff like this at various organizational stores, but it’ll cost you a pretty penny.  This puppy was FREE.  Fits all my most-used pens, paper cutters, and post-its, and has a perfectly-sized slot for my favourite lip balm.

Desk Drawer 4

Not to mention assorted mini staplers and scissors, paper clips (only some, mind you, not all of them), hockey tape, antique measuring tape … the usual stuff.  Oh, the FLARP?  Office stress management.  If I client has been rude to me I pop that open and make fart noises until I start to giggle.  Works every time.  I highly recommend it.

Desk Drawer 5

Here’s the organizer in situ.  Now the drawer contains only the essentials I use all the time, next to other office necessaries like calculators, chocolate bars, and teeny tiny laser guns.

Desk Drawer 6If you can’t find a custom tech-box like this, try making your own by cobbling together smaller cardboard boxes left over from tissues, toothpaste, and even toilet paper rolls.


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