A Laundry List


I know that you know how to do laundry.  And you know that I know that you know how to do laundry.  But you can always learn something new, right?  And today may be your lucky day.  I recently discovered that my dad learned something new by watching me do laundry so I thought I would share what I know with you.  So that you know.  Y’know.

Firstly, you can make your clothes last longer if you wash ’em right.  This means protecting them from the vagaries of the washing machine.  Wash your clothes in cold water (better for your clothes, the planet, and it’s cheaper).


And do them up before you wash them. That means zip up the zippers and button the buttons. An unzipped zipper can catch on other fabrics it passes during agitation, causing damage to other clothing.


And same goes for your shirts. An unbuttoned shirt is longer, and more likely to get tangled up and stretched with all the other stuff in your machine.


I’m not saying you have to do up EVERY button. I’ve got the Pie trained well, and he does every second button, and we’re both happy with that.


Secondly, if you can hang your laundry up to dry, DO IT.  Especially outside.  That big ol’ sun of ours is a fantastic source of free heat, and air dried clothes always smell fantastic.  So it’s good for the environment, it’s good for your wallet, and it’s just plain awesome.  SCIENCE.


Hanging your laundry up to dry, if you can do it in a tidy fashion, also saves you from having to iron as much stuff. I know, you can always haul it out of the dryer hot and you’ll be good to go, but really, I am far too occupied with other stuff to wait for my dryer to do its thing and I usually end up leaving stuff in there for hours. Or even DAYS. But if you can match up the seams of your shirts and shake the clothes out flat before hanging then they will dry flat and save you some work.


Hanging your clothes up from the bottom makes it easier for them to lie flat as well while you’re drying. So hang pants from their cuffs (the waistband takes much longer to dry if you’ve got it pinned up) and hang shirts upside-down as well.


And as for your delicates? Well, if you’re like me and your unmentionables cost a pretty penny (and therefore have to last you a long while), then you need to take care of them. Use a laundry bag, people. Chucking your underwear and delicates into a laundry bag prevents them from getting tangled up with your other, more durable laundry, and getting wrecked. Simple as that.


Never hang up a bra by its straps. Doing that puts undue stress on wet fabric that you are relying on to hold up those melons while its dry. Always hang your bras by the band. Even better is to drape them over a laundry rack with one cup on either side of the wire, so the weight is balanced. Again, SCIENCE.


And if you’re feeling so inclined, the Pie and I have discovered that life is also easier if you match your socks before you hang them up. Then, once they’re dry, it’s a simple matter to just ball them together as you pull them off the line.


So now you know. Did you learn anything? If you did, I’m glad!

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