Coordinating My Crafty Crap CLOSET

In the new place, in our office, we have a giant three-paneled closet that covers the entirety of one wall.  If I were someone else I’m sure I would turn this into some kind of clothing storage extravaganza, but we already have two closets in our master bedroom and we don’t even own that many clothes.  I DO, however, own a heckuva lotta crafty crap.

Crafty Crap Closet 1

This past weekend, the Pie was out of town, which meant I was free to make a giant mess by hauling everything out of the crafty crap closet-to be and sorting it before putting it back in.  Here are the “before” shots:

Crafty Crap Closet 4

Crafty Crap Closet 3

Crafty Crap Closet 2

And the after.  The fabric is all neatly folded and entirely visible.

Crafty Crap Closet 6

All my anthro books are stacked higgledy-piggledy on top, but I’ll get around to sorting them, eventually.

Crafty Crap Closet 9

Current works-in-progress are stowed on the shelves below while odds and ends I pick up at thrift shops are hung in bags from the rail.

Crafty Crap Closet 5

I use open-ended shower curtain rings for this. They’re also super-handy for hanging purses and backpacks in closets as well.

Crafty Crap Closet 10

Then all my tools and oddments and accessories are handily plopped on these easy-to-reach shelves on the end. My plastic filing cabinet (not shown, but you can see part of it in the before shot) fits tidily in that bottom floor slot.

Crafty Crap Closet 7

I bought a KVISSLE letter tray from IKEA and it is sitting on my desk, keeping all my bits of paper accessible and unwrinkled.

Crafty Crap Closet 8

Moving Closets

Two posts about my closet in a week.  I’m sorry about this.  I’m not really feeling that creative lately, but I do have an overwhelming urge to organize the crap out of everything.  So unfortunately that’s what you get from me this week.  Sorry again.

Moving Closets

If you are lucky and live in a utopia where there is plenty of storage, then you probably won’t find this post interesting at all.  If, however, you are a normal person with the normal amount of crap that people accumulate, you might find this helpful.

We have six closets in our house.  I suppose that makes us lucky.  But they’re a little limiting.  One closet houses our hot water heater, so it’s a write-off for storage.  Another holds our coats, shopping bags, and boots.  Another gives a place for our power tools and place settings and dog-related equipment.  Another is the linen closet I featured on Monday, which also stores our luggage, toilet paper, facial tissue, and paper towel.

Moving Closets

I recently moved into my husband’s closet.  Previously, I put all my girl clothes in the closet in my office, which is also where we store our camping equipment, Hallowe’en decorations, Christmas decorations, fabric, yarn, and an ever-growing collection of flattened cardboard boxes that await our eventual move back to the mainland.

Space is at a premium in this closet, and lately, the things (stacked neatly) on the floor of the closet started to interfere with the things (hung neatly) on the pole.  Mostly it was the scads of empty boxes.  So I had to move.  Fortunately, I don’t own too many girly clothes that require hanging up, so my husband will barely notice that I’m there (mine is the stuff to the left of the white fabric shelving). Of course, his closet is where we store all our miscellaneous technical equipment: coaxial cables, pieces of computer, boxes and cases for PS3s and Wiis and whatnot.  Baseball gear.  Our vacuum.  Miscellaneous unidentifiable items that the Pie won’t let me throw away.

Moving Closets

To save space, I have hung my dresses on stacked trouser hangers.  This means that the dresses themselves don’t hang so low in the closet that their bottoms get dusty and wrinkled dangling amidst all the other crazy things.  So I simply folded them in half and draped them from the waistline on these hangers, which you can get anywhere.

Moving Closets

In addition to keeping the hems out of harm’s way, it also takes the pressure of gravity off some of the more delicate straps and hanging loops, all of which tend to stretch and mis-shape your dresses if you leave them hanging like that for too long. Having the dresses securely folded across these hangers (which have non-slip coatings on them) also means that I won’t be searching for something else and accidentally knock a dress or two to the floor, where it will be smushed into the chaos in the bottom of the closet.

Moving Closets

That also frees up a bunch of hanger space.  And I realized that I had over a hundred of these babies that we were never going to use.  I find it hard to believe that we used to have enough clothes to fill all of these things!

Moving Closets

Handy Items Week: Hockey Tape

Cait and her fiancé  iPM will be on a whirlwind tour of St. John’s this week, so the Pie and I will be playing host and tour guide while they’re here.

To keep you entertained until they get out of our hair and I can give you your own personal tour of my city, I’m giving you eight days of gadgets that I cannot live without.

Let me introduce you to this cheap and effective adhesive, if you are not already acquainted.

Hockey tape is used by athletes to hold up the stockings that cover their shin pads so they don’t slip down during play.

But it’s far more useful than that.

Hockey tape rips easily in your hands and sticks to stuff like you wouldn’t believe, including fabric and itself.

It’s designed to come off easily in the short term, so you can even stick things to glass with it and not worry about a gummy residue left behind.

You can pick it up in packages of 6 rolls from Canadian Tire or any athletic store (in Canada at least) for cheap.