Felty Feather Cat Toy

Felt Cat Toy 14

I do not really understand cats. We had a cat when I was very small but as my mother says, the cat was the sole property of our dog and didn’t really have time for the rest of us. When my dad was posted to the UK we had to give both of them up and I haven’t had a cat since. My mother and Krystopf are both allergic, so it makes sense. I *like* cats, but I really don’t know what to do with them.


The Pie, on the other hand, loves cats. He spent his whole life with one or two running around his house. And he’s really allergic (what’s with people who are allergic to cats having cats?).

Felt Cat Toy 10

Anyway, most of our friends who don’t have dogs, have cats. Or both. So this is something for them. I took the idea from Martha Stewart, but I didn’t follow her instructions exactly, nor did I feel the need to use a template to cut out these feathers. A cat is not going to critique your cutting technique. Cats don’t care.

I have a pretty decent collection of craft felt. My mother and I keep our eyes open when we are wandering through second-hand stores, and the result is this sweet pile.

Felt Cat Toy 1

So. Grab some felt, two different colours if you prefer.

Felt Cat Toy 2

Cut a big feather shape out of one of them, probably four or five inches long, with a nice long stem.

Felt Cat Toy 3

Cut little feather marks in it. I know they’re not perfect. But again, cats don’t care.

Felt Cat Toy 4

Felt Cat Toy 5

Then make a smaller one out of a different colour (can you see how taxing this is? I’m stressed out already). Martha recommends ironing a crease into the middle of each feather but seeing as most felt I have is polyester or made out of recycled pop bottles I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Felt Cat Toy 6

Felt Cat Toy 7

Felt Cat Toy 8

Felt Cat Toy 9

Grab some nice cording and a jingle bell and tie the bell to the feather stems. Leave a nice long tail in the cord for dangling purposes and knot both ends to keep them from fraying.

Felt Cat Toy 11

Oh man that was difficult. I made nine of them.

Felt Cat Toy 12