Ali Asks: What to do with old Business Cards?


Maybe this has happened to you: you orderĀ a set of business cards and you get a whole box, like 250 or 500. And before you can use them all, your phone number changes, or your address, or your title. This has happened to me twice since I started at this job. The first time, my title changed, and then the second time, we re-branded and now we have a different logo.


So now I have a whole bunch of business cards and I don’t know what to do with them. I know I can chuck them in the recycling, but that’s unoriginal and still a little wasteful. So I’ve been looking online to see the sorts of things you can do with business cards you don’t need anymore. Unfortunately, most of them seem to involve using the blank side to do something – but my cards are double-sided so that’s not an option. They’re also not very good to fold into origami as the edges fray almost instantly. Anyone got any ideas?


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