Best Chicken Sandwich – Ever.

At least that’s what the recipe says.  A recipe for a sammy.  Don’t that just beat all …  Nevertheless this is super easy and super awesome and it serves two, for a romantically messy meal you can eat with your fingers.

It’s from a book called Food Cook Eat by Lulu Grimes that my mother gave to the Pie for Christmas a few years back.  Page 108 for those of you following along at home.

First, slice up a tomato, half an avocado, and wash some leaves of lettuce (get fancy and use arugula or frisé or whatever), and set those aside.

Cut two large pieces of ciabatta or Turkish bread in half horizontally and put that aside as well.

Take a boneless, skinless chicken breast (or a boned, skin-covered one and work some magic with it, which is what I did), trim off the excess sinew and fat, and cut it in half horizontally.

Flatten the pieces out a bit by hitting them with the side of your knife, the flat of a cleaver, your fist, or a mallet.  Work out your frustrations, but don’t go crazy and break the flesh.  You just want to thin it out a little.

Heat one tablespoon olive oil in a large pan and slip in the breast pieces, cooking them on both sides for a few minutes until brown and cooked through.  Sprinkle them with some lemon juice and take them out of the pan.  Put ’em on a plate or something.

Take your bread pieces and put them, cut side down, in the pan. Press them down a bit to soak up the chicken and lemon juices and leave them in there for a minute or two.

When you take the bread out of the pan, rub the cut side with a garlic clove, cut in half, then generously spread all the pieces with mayonnaise

Put a piece of chicken on the bottom pieces of the bread. 

Top with tomato, avocado, and lettuce, seasoning with salt and pepper as you go. 

Plop the top of the bread back on and eat the crap out of that thing.  Tada: your sammich.

Pitting and Peeling Avocado

I’ve watched a few friends attempt to open up an avocado on occasion and remove the pit.

Sometimes the whole thing slips out of their hands and lands on the floor (cut side down).

Sometimes the knife slips and they stab themselves in the hand.

More often than not they simply end up massacring the avocado by squeezing it too tightly.  No one wants to eat squashed avocado.  Unless it’s guacamole.  Then, my friends, we have a different story all together.

It’s really deceptively simple.

Remove the little stem nubbin at the top so it doesn’t interfere with your knife.  Cut through the nubbin hole straight to the centre.  Bring your knife around the avocado, running around the pit, until you come full circle.

Twist the halves to separate.

Then, with the flat of your knife flush with the avocado flesh, dig the edge a little into the pit and, using the stiff edge of the peel as a fulcrum, simply flip up the knife, taking the pit out of the avocado without damaging the soft flesh.

Then you can make a nick in the skin and peel it away without damaging the flesh on that side either.  Or at least not much.