Greenthumbing Update

An update on the garden:

THINGS ARE GROWING LIKE CRAZY.  It’s days like this I itch for a macro lens.  But everything is big and bountiful and thriving.

Including my lawn, which we haven’t mowed in forever, so please ignore that part.  I’ve added bits and pieces here and there, and made two trips to Lester’s Farm to pick up more perennials, like these snapdragons.  Most of the things I have purchased I have quickly forgotten what they’re called.

The phlox is flowering.  I thought I got one blue and one pink but they’re both pink so I guess I was wrong.

My lupins are growing well, but I long for the large clumps I see in the parks here.  The Pie and I have a secret plan to go lupin stealing in the middle of the night shortly.  Don’t tell anyone.

The things that I don’t know what they’re called are about to flower, which might aid my identification process.

I have been fighting the slugs.  The whole city is out of Slug-B-Gone so I got these slug traps but they don’t seem to be working.  You can see the slime trail on my bleeding heart.

I fear for my pretty little hostas.

My purple thing and peonies get more enormous every year.

As does my columbine.  It helps that columbine is a weed here. 

And this?  Well, this is a mushroom.  It has been raining quite a bit.


Greenthumbing Day Three

Can you believe it?  It was sunny!  I haven’t been in the garden since the Pie and I raked up all the leaves and I laid down the Slug-B-Gone (which, incidentally, seems to have worked).

The consistent rain has meant that my weeds are flourishing.  I spent a good two hours just digging them out.  This particular weed will be the death of me.It’s completely overrun the horrible hedge in the front, and it creeps through the fence in the back.On a positive note, my peony is going strong, as is my astilbe and my columbine.  However, columbine seems to be a weed here so I’m not surprised it’s doing well. I actually divided the columbine and planted some of it in the front yard to soak up the sun.

It’s good to see some new growth on my boxwood.  I thought they might have lost it this year.My lavender from last year has survived the winter, just barely.

Another nice surprise is that the two straggly clematis that made it out of the seed stage last year seem to be flourishing this year.  As you can see the daffodils are in bloom, though they get damaged easily by the winds here, and the tulips will bloom soon.

The iris are struggling back from their battle with the slugs.  Maybe we’ll see some of those bloom by the end of the summer, who knows?  I laid down some more Slug-B-Gone, as I saw a few slimers while I was weeding.

Now that the frost season is officially over I’m going to start trying to plant some things.  I figure the slug bait and the lack of snow might stand me in good stead this time around.

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