Espresso Brownies

Would you like another life-changing experience? You should make these brownies.  I mean it. I made about three hundred.  Every single one of them was eaten.  They’re even good stale.  The recipe for these babies comes with thanks from the folks at my mother’s physiotherapy place.  Not that they need any more caffeine. Preheat your … Continue reading “Espresso Brownies”

Extreme Comfort Brownies

I made these brownies at the end of what had been a tough week for some of my friends.  Nothing makes me feel better faster than a gift of comforting baked goods.  Especially if they’re made of chocolate.  This comfort recipe is an embellishment on the traditional brownie, and has an extreme amount of frosting.  … Continue reading “Extreme Comfort Brownies”

Cream Cheese Brownies

This was another of the baking treats we made for the wedding guests.  My mother had it served to her at some gathering and has been obsessed with them since. Preheat your oven to 325°F and prepare a 9″ square baking pan with aluminum foil. Chop up about 4 oz (four squares) unsweetened or dark … Continue reading “Cream Cheese Brownies”

Molasses Oat Cake with Glazed Pineapple

If you have checked me out recently on Instagram, you may have noticed that LongJohn and I just spent the last three weeks hanging out with my parents in Florida, where we both got a nice tan and the kid grew about four inches. I didn’t do too much cooking while I was there, but … Continue reading “Molasses Oat Cake with Glazed Pineapple”

Coffee Raisin-Nut Bars

We’re at that stage in the fall where we’re starting to get sick of pumpkin things, but the chocolate and peppermint of winter is still too far away.  At this point I like to rely on coffee and spice to bolster me through.  This quick plate of squares is adapted from The 250 Best Brownies, Bars … Continue reading “Coffee Raisin-Nut Bars”

Pineapple Orange Buckle

Y’know, I have no idea what a “buckle” is, other than the metal object one uses to attach things with straps.  But it appears to be some kind of American dessert-like object resembling a tall clafoutis, so I’m going to roll with it.  I got this recipe from Martha Stewart.  She used mangoes, but lacking those … Continue reading “Pineapple Orange Buckle”

WOOO! It’s Ali Does It Herself’s 500th Post! And we’re making CAKE!

So on the 15th day of March, 2010, I caved to peer pressure (*ahem*, Kª), and I started this blog.  Ali Does It … Herself.  That sounded about right.  The Pie and I try to be as self-sufficient as possible, and having been raised by very DIY-oriented parents, I figured I might as well start … Continue reading “WOOO! It’s Ali Does It Herself’s 500th Post! And we’re making CAKE!”

The Pie’s I’m-Turning-Old Ice Cream Birthday Cake, with Fudge Sauce

I will let you in on the worst-kept secret in our family: Saturday was the Pie’s thirtieth birthday.  He’s finally as old as me and will (hopefully) shut up about my aging process. Now, for me, being born the week before March Break, as a child I often celebrated more than one birthday.  There was … Continue reading “The Pie’s I’m-Turning-Old Ice Cream Birthday Cake, with Fudge Sauce”

Espresso Cupcakes with Mocha Buttercream

So here I was, trying to come up with a good morning cupcake for my Sweet Treats committee at work.  Everyone at the firm seems to need a bit of a caffeine kick in the morning, so I thought I would modify my espresso brownies into cupcake form.  Then I thought, what about a smooth … Continue reading “Espresso Cupcakes with Mocha Buttercream”

What Can You Do with Leftover Ganache?

I have more ganache leftover from the Red Velvet Comeback Cupcakes than is really good for my sanity.  There are/is/are about 3 cups of ganache sitting in my fridge. The good thing is that you can freeze ganache.  Did you know that?  While it’s frozen you can figure out what the heck to do with … Continue reading “What Can You Do with Leftover Ganache?”