DIY Gifting Ideas

I’m of the opinion that gift-giving has a bit more meaning when the gift you give was made by you with someone special in mind.  Below are all the gifts we’ve made at Ali Does It over the years, with more to come as they are created.  If you’re looking for ideas to give someone you care about something a little bit special, then check out some of these suggestions below.

Here’s a little code to make your searching easier:

¢ → Cheap to make    ε → Easy Peasy     Θ → A Little Tricky/Involved     $ → A Bit Pricey


Adventure Bookcase ¢ε

Baby Boy Blue Blanket ¢Θ

Baseball Keychain ¢ε

Buckle Book (coming soon)

Busy Board (coming soon)

Distractions: Easy Finger Paints ¢ε

Felted Wool Chicken ¢Θ

Harry Potter Inspired Magic Wands ¢ε

Homemade Watercolour Paints (coming soon)

Keep ¢Θ

Make Your Own Playdough! ¢ε

Superhero Monogram ¢ε


Alphabet Trays ¢ε

Art with Glue and Shoe Polish ¢ε

Autumn Leaves Bouquet ¢Θ

Autumn Leaves Butterflies ¢ε

Bay Leaf Wreath ¢ε

Button Mosaic ¢ε

Clapboard Coffee Stirrer Wall Art ¢Θ

Clay Leaf Bowls ¢Θ

Crayola Payola ¢Θ

Crayon Rainbows, on Canvas ε

Crystal Cascade ¢Θ


Etching Glass $Θ

Fall Leaf Wreath ¢Θ

Fast, Fun, Free “Fine” Art ¢ε

Frosty Striped Vases and Pom Pom Flowers ¢ε

Gel Transfer: Pet Photos $Θ

Gel Transfer: Street Fighter ¢Θ

Gel Transfer: on WOOD ¢Θ

Going Postal ¢ε

Impressions Ornaments ¢ε

Kintsugi – Hacked $Θ

Leaf Skeletons ¢ε

Learning to Silkscreen at Home $Θ

Light-Up Wall Art ¢Θ

New Found Ornaments ¢ε

Oddities in String Art ¢Θ

Painting Glass and Ceramics $ε

Paper Flowers ¢ε

Paper Wreath ¢ε

Papier Mache Gold “Leaf” Bowls ¢ε

Rainbow Heart Wreath ¢ε

Safari Bookends ¢Θ

Slouchy Bowl (coming soon)

Team Project: Beeswax Art ¢Θ

Three-Dimensional Name Plate ¢ε

Tweed Felt Oak Leaf Bowls Θ

Victorian Hanging Mirror … From Toilet Paper Rolls ¢Θ

Wee Clay Pot City ¢ε

Wee Origami Dishes ¢ε


Beauty and the Beets (Home Beauty Products) ¢ε

Beeswax Food Wrap ¢ε

Big Bath and Beauty Box $Θ

Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub (coming soon)

Fizzy Bath Bombs $ε

MacGuyver Mittens ¢ε

Magazine Coasters ¢ε

(Paperless) Towels ¢ε

Raspberry Red Grapefruit Lip Balm (coming soon)

Real McCoy Felted Mittens ¢ε

Saponification! (coming soon)

Sage and Honey Hair Pomade $ε

Travel Document Holder from Old Maps $Θ

Vinyl Lunch Bags $Θ


A Better Hot Chocolate (coming soon)

All Truffles, All the Time ε

Barbecue in a Bottle $Θ

Boozy Cookie Croutons (Biscotti) ¢Θ

Caramel Corn ¢Θ

Chocolate Cherry Cordials $Θ

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies ¢Θ

Christmas Fruit Cakes $Θ

Coffee Liqueur $ε

For the Birds ¢ε

Ice Cream Cake $Θ

Krupnikas (Lithuanian Honey Spirits) $ε

Lemon Balm Tea ¢ε

MacGyver Balls $ε

Make Your Own Marshmallows Θ

Making Mincemeat (Outta You) $Θ

Melting Moments (coming soon)

Oh, Gum Drops! $Θ

Peanut Butter Cups $Θ

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Cookies (coming soon)

Peppermint Patties (coming soon)

Pretzel Bites (coming soon)

Pumpkin Spice Latte Mix ¢ε

Rum Balls $Θ

Salted Butter Caramels (coming soon)

Salted Toffee ¢ε

Scottish Shortbread ¢ε

Sponge Toffee ¢Θ

Sugar Cubes ¢ε

Sweet and Sour Pineapple Relish $Θ

Un-Cola $ε


Alphabet Trays ¢ε

Animal Magnetism Fridge Magnets ¢ε

Aromatic Fire Starters ¢ε

Butter fer yer Boards ¢ε

Button Magnets ¢ε

Cardigan Chair Cozy ¢Θ

Clay Leaf Bowls ¢ε

Custom Carrying Caddy ¢Θ


Felty Feather Cat Toy ¢ε

Finger Knit Basket ¢ε

Found Wood Candle Tray ¢ε

Grape Crate Cat Beds  ¢ε

Have a Drink on Me (Cut Glasses from Bottles) ¢Θ

His & Hers Key Hooks ¢ε

Knit This (Making Knitting Needles) ¢ε

Make Your Mail Literate (Book Mail Sorter) ¢ε

Packing Crate Jewelry Stand ¢ε

Phone Cozy ¢ε

Pleatherversary (Netbook Case) ¢Θ

Rack ‘Em Up! ¢Θ

Rainbow-Dipped Wooden Spoons ε

Rustic Pencil Holder and Homemade Pencils $Θ

Scottie Cardigan Cushion Cover ¢ε

Simple Sewing Machine Cover ¢ε

Sweet Heart Place Markers ¢ε 

Tea Cup Candles ¢Θ

Tray Cool ¢ε 

Twig Trivet ¢ε

Uncharted 3 Upcycled Jewelry Cabinet ¢Θ

Waterproof Picnic Blanket ¢ε

Willow Wreaths ¢ε

Wool Patchwork Quilt ¢Θ


Baseball Bracelet ¢Θ

Baseball Keychain (coming soon)

Braided Suede Bracelets (coming soon)

Felted Wool Slippers ¢Θ

Fun with Bleach! (coming soon)

My Favourite Belt ¢ε

Nautical Knot Necklace (coming soon)

Neon Umbrella $ε

Nursing Shawl ¢ε

Ruched Scarf ¢Θ

Tshirt Ring ¢ε

6 thoughts on “DIY Gifting Ideas”

  1. Forgot to mention , this is a great idea.. Problem here i.e in India I will not find such cute spoons and also the colours which do not run on washing as we hand wash our dishes.


  2. Just stumbled upon to your blog & soo happy I did 🙂 some very pretty and creative stuff there. Thanks so much for sharing! gonna try some real soon 🙂


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