Ten Dollar, Ten Minute Wreath

As you may know, I like making wreaths. Most of ’em tend to be of the ephemeral type, not lasting more than a season so that I have justification in making new ones later on. Somehow though I have ended up with a few in storage … not that this will stop me from making … Continue reading “Ten Dollar, Ten Minute Wreath”

Two Willow Wreaths

When I was a little girl growing up on the naval base in Victoria, there was a set of willow trees I used to play around. And, being the person I am, I would make wreaths out of the willow branches that fell off the trees and give them to my mother or hang them … Continue reading “Two Willow Wreaths”

Fall Leaf Wreath

I’m not sure how it came about, but making wreaths from scratch has become one of my favourite DIYs in recent years. I love coming up with an idea  and seeing it come to fruition – sometimes better than I’d planned. I spent about 20 minutes gathering these leaves from the local park. They all … Continue reading “Fall Leaf Wreath”

Rainbow Heart Wreath

So, half the reason I’m having people for dinner on Friday is to spend the night with friends and all that mushy crap.  The other half is so that I can go all out on decorations so that I have bloggable activities for you.  So I hope you’re happy. I’m actually not super happy with … Continue reading “Rainbow Heart Wreath”

Bay Leaf Wreath

It’s getting to be that sort of holiday season, isn’t it?  I have a post coming up for you about some decorations on the cheap that I did last year, but in the interim, if you’ve got a bit more time, why don’t you make yourself a new wreath? For some reason, at some point … Continue reading “Bay Leaf Wreath”

Adding Festivity, the Lazy Way: Paper Wreath

Seeing as we’re in Ottawa and not St. John’s for the majority of the holiday season, the Pie and I rarely trouble ourselves to decorate Elizabeth for Christmas.  But this little thing was so easy, and so quick, and the days here in St. John’s have been so very gray, I needed a little festivity … Continue reading “Adding Festivity, the Lazy Way: Paper Wreath”

Happy Hallowe’en!

We’re excited to spend our first Hallowe’en in our new place – there are tons of kids everywhere, so we went all out. They’re predicting rain for today so I’ve only put up half of our decorations for now. We can’t wait to have our own house with a big front yard that we can … Continue reading “Happy Hallowe’en!”

Holiday Decorating Ideas on the Cheap

We never really used to decorate too much for Christmas.  We’d have the tree, and our stockings would come out Christmas Eve, and if it happened to occur to someone, we got a wreath as well.  These days, since my parents have retired, they get a bit more into it.  Last year, because they were … Continue reading “Holiday Decorating Ideas on the Cheap”

DIY Gifting Ideas

I’m of the opinion that gift-giving has a bit more meaning when the gift you give was made by you with someone special in mind.  Below are all the gifts we’ve made at Ali Does It over the years, with more to come as they are created.  If you’re looking for ideas to give someone … Continue reading “DIY Gifting Ideas”

Ali Does It’s Holiday DIY Gift Guide

I am so far behind on my DIY holiday gift-giving preparations.  But moving across the country, baby visiting, job searching, job getting, and everything else we have going on right now has taken priority.  Normally we start in September, getting stuff ready, but don’t let that intimidate you.  We just have a really big family, … Continue reading “Ali Does It’s Holiday DIY Gift Guide”