Rodentia: Judgment Day

I had two more posts about this damned mouse.  So much for that.  Had to delete ’em. I had a dream about mice last night.  I dreamed the house was overrun with them. One of them was so big it resembled a large angry black cat that hissed at me.  Armed with a broomstick I … Continue reading “Rodentia: Judgment Day”


Rodentia Update

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war. Because a war this has become. The little mouse is taunting me, baiting me daily with its bold exploits across my floors. The Pie and I have come to the  conclusion that perhaps there is only one mouse, and we simply see it on multiple occasions.  … Continue reading “Rodentia Update”


Anyone have an earth and animal-friendly way to get rid of mice? I saw one walking out of our fireplace the other night, and the Pie saw one coming out of our hot water heater closet the night after that. I have since vacuumed up everything, shoveled out the fireplace (which is blocked off and … Continue reading “rodentia”

Laundry Loft Part One

My entryway is a mite crowded.  You have to stand up on the bottom step in order to open the door without interference.  I’m still amazed that we moved in all our furniture up that narrow flight of stairs. This is also my laundry room, and I’m definitely feeling the lack of space.  You can … Continue reading “Laundry Loft Part One”

Greenthumbing Day Two

FINALLY. The weather and the fates conspired against me and I was not able to go out into the garden until MONDAY evening.  It’s shameful that “Day One” and “Day Two” should be so freaking far apart.  Stupid Newfoundland.  Spring just does not exist here.  In fact it’s supposed to snow Tuesday.  Of course. Anyway, … Continue reading “Greenthumbing Day Two”