New Things

I am officially on maternity leave now. I’m trying to do the things that people are telling me to do – like rest – so I’m down to a post a week for the next little while. Hopefully when I can do things again like tie my own shoes (and that would be shoes that actually fit me), I can start doing more with my time as a gainfully unemployed person.

New Things 7
Stopping to smell the flowers occasionally would be nice.

Anyway, first day of mat leave was spent getting a new fuse box. Remember I mentioned that the old one had like five GLASS fuses and had been corroded with water damage? Now look at this shiny mother.

New Things 4

OoooooOOOOOooooooo. Now I can get cheaper house insurance.

New Things 5

This was actually a big job because they had to move the lines as they came off the hydro pole.

New Things 2

And they had to move the pole that was running the lines into the house. And I got a new metre. For you Ottawa folk, this was done by Ashley Davies of Lightning ContractingΒ and I would totally recommend his work.

New Things 1

Day two of mat leave was getting a new staircase. Remember this deathtrap that Gren wouldn’t go down?


Look at these gorgeous things. You can see the angle of the old stairs along the wall. WHEEEEE!

New Things 3

The old stairs were removed and taken away, and the new stairs installed in under 3 hours, for $700. Scott Berwick Stairs, if you’re interested.

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