Now We Can Have Nice Things?

China Cabinet 14

A couple weeks ago, we did a very old-person kind of thing: we picked up Trav and took him to Almonte for brunch at Heirloom (would highly recommend). Then we toodled across the street to the Almonte Antique Market and BOUGHT A CHINA CABINET. Because apparently this is what grown-ups do on weekends. We managed to get a remarkably fantastic deal on this puppy, no thanks in small part to the fact that Trav’s mother is one of the vendors at the market and hooked us up big time. And then we got unreasonably excited about it. Because we’ve been looking for a china cabinet for years (were we always old?).

China Cabinet 2

Seriously. Years. When we moved in together about ten years ago, at the tender age of 24, each one of us came with our own complete set of china and a silver tea set. HOW WEIRD IS THAT? In our first apartment there was a built-in display cabinet where we had it all laid out, but when we moved to Newfoundland, it all went into storage, where it has stayed for the past eight or so years.

China Cabinet 3

After giving the cabinet a thorough cleaning, I then unpacked all our boxes, starting with the silver. The definite plus of this was getting to see it all after eight years. The definite downside was that it hadn’t been polished in eight years …

China Cabinet 5

… several hours later, the tea sets were looking sparkly and badass on the bottom shelf (they’re on the bottom because I figure it’s harder for small children to break silverware – but I’m sure one of them will prove me wrong).

China Cabinet 13

China Cabinet 12

Then I started unpacking the china. And then I remembered that not only did *I* have a set and *the Pie* had a set, but that we had also inherited YET ANOTHER set from my grandmother. So we actually have three sets of china. Let that be a lesson to you folks: if you leave china alone for eight years it multiplies.

China Cabinet 10
His …
China Cabinet 9
… hers …
China Cabinet 15
… ours?

I’m still moving things around in there as the mood strikes. And once we find a sideboard I’ll probably move some of the less showy pieces into that instead. But for now we’re really happy with it!

China Cabinet 7

Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

13 thoughts on “Now We Can Have Nice Things?”

      1. TV has definitely been a creative mindsuck for me on occasion – the nice thing about crappy television though is you don’t have to pay that much attention to it. I often get all sorts of things done while watching terrible programming.


  1. I love how you displayed everything Alison in your new-old china cabinet. I’m partial to butterflies ever since Eric got his angel wings so those dishes are my favourite!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a lovely display you have. And that third set you inherited is red Tradewinds, isn’t it? My grandmother had a set, I loved it. She had a whole lot of china, actually, and so now I do, as well. I never knew leaving it boxed up was what was causing it to multiply – thanks for the tip, I will unpack it. 🙂 I wonder if her red Tradewinds has found it’s way to my house? 🙂


    1. Good eye – it is red Tradewinds! My late grandfather was a huge fan of sailing and building boats so it was only fitting to have as their every day china!


      1. And lucky you got it when they didn’t need it anymore. 🙂 I am not sure what my dad did with his mom’s. I think he was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of china she gathered over her 100 plus years.


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