Walking Around and Eating

That’s pretty much what I do in my free time when I travel for work. Yesterday was my birthday and Doodle recommended we stop by the Red Iguana for dinner, so we walked three blocks from our hotel and there it was.


We ended up waiting outside for over an hour to eat but it was totally worth it. We then wandered around Temple Square in the dark for a while as we digested our excellent Mexican dinners.


Then we waddled home via one of the local shopping centers, because their mall had such pretty lights.


The early mornings (the baby doesn’t understand time zones), long days with the client, and the walking around at high altitudes are starting to wear on me so I’m taking a break tonight and putting my feet up for a while. Just eating things, no walking around.

Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

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